April 25, 2023

Deep Thoughts With Jerry #13

Jerry wanted to change his posts to "Tuesdays With Jerry", but I think with the picture of him above, "Deep Thoughts" just works so well! I was pretty impressed that he wrote this last night at work...

If you could bring back one fashion trend what would it be?

There are so many. I want the 90's back. Mainly, I want my band t-shirts to come back. When I was a teen I spent almost every dime I made on music. My bedroom walls didn't have a bare spot on them--band posters everywhere. When there was a bare spot it was quickly covered with cut outs from music magazines like Circus, AP, Revolver, or Spin. My life was music. It was my happy place. To this day, I still turn to music to calm me when I'm stressed. It's a lot of 90's punk, ska, and nu-metal.

Anyways, I had a pretty extensive collection of shirts going for me. Every time a new Korn or Rage Against The Machine shirt came out I bought it (they were my favorite bands at the time). Some shirts I got at concerts, some I got from a store in our local mall that had a lot of random shirts you couldn't just get at any record store, and some were from overseas and were a rare find.

One of my favorite shirts was a Korn shirt that was printed as a result of a Michigan high schooler getting suspended from school for wearing a Korn shirt. School officials said that wearing a Korn shirt "is no different than a person wearing a middle finger on their shirt". Ridiculous. So, the band had shirts printed with their simple Korn logo on the front and a quote from the 1st Amendment on the back. Under the quote read: (Except in Michigan). HAHAHAHA!

Coffee or Tea?

Easy. Coffee. I have never been and never will be a tea fan. To me it's just gross. I've always been a coffee guy--straight black. MY favorite brand is Chock Full O' Nuts. It's relatively cheap and just straight up delicious. If you've never tried it I highly recommend just buying a can the next time you're out and giving it a shot. 

A gift from Katie. I don't think she even knows what the Death Star is.

If you had to play one music album forever what would it be?

There are so many great albums out there. Nothing compares to music in the 90's though. And nothing compares to Smashing Pumpkins' "Siamese Dream". My favorite song on the album is called 'Mayonaise'. This is the album I go to when I'm feeling down on my luck and need a pick me up.  So, if I had to pick an album, this would be it. 

What would you like to do when you retire?

If I'm able to retire in 20 years I would just like to take some time to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nowhere to go, nowhere to be. Just for a bit though. I would enjoy walks or bike rides if the weather was nice enough. Maybe learn how to finally plant a garden and maintain it. When it's the summer I will hopefully be able to watch grandkids run around the yard or I'll be attending their ball games.

It just seems like there is so much I want to do and when I am finally able to retire I'm going to have such little time to do it, which is a little sad to think about. But, we will have the house and cars paid off in a couple of years, so we can start doing some extra things before we get too old.

What book did you read that changed your life the most?

Some people would say that 'To Kill A Mockingbird', 'The Catcher In the Rye', or George Orwell's '1984' are the kinds of books that completely changed their perspective on life. Me? It was Darth Bane: 'Path of Destruction'.

Yes, it's a Star Wars book. First one I ever read. This book stoked the fire of my super-fandom. My obsession. Before reading this book I wasn't much of a fan. I was like most kids growing up that just saw the movies on TV when the marathons would play during the holidays. I didn't collect the toys, didn't use an old broomstick as a makeshift lightsaber, didn't even talk into a running box fan to distort my voice to sound like Darth Vader.

I read this book in 2007, the first of a trilogy of books, and I was instantly hooked. From there I invested time and money into reading well over 100 books of the Star Wars expanded universe and loved every page. 

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

My breakfast trends go in waves. A couple weeks ago I swore that avocado toast was the greatest breakfast food ever. And now, I'm not even eating breakfast any more. Before that, cereal. Eggs on toast, fried eggs and toast, scrambled eggs and toast, omelet and toast... a lot of eggs with toast really. But, I will always find my way back to pancakes. Always. It's the best. Katie showed me a vegan recipe and they are so filling, but delicious and totally worth the super full feeling afterwards.  

What is your go-to show at night?

So many. I'm a huge professional wrestling fan and currently wrestling is on five nights a week between three different promotions. I have them recording and I can just start them up whenever. If I'm cleaning around the house I tend to put on Friends--we own all 10 seasons on Prime. If it's baseball season, I just put on any game and watch forever. It's essentially whatever I'm in the mood for, but mainly wrestling. 

How do you top your burgers?

I used to be a straight cheese, mustard, and ketchup guy. When I became an adult, I started branching out and putting the normal fixings on like onions and pickles. I never, ever, could get on board with tomatoes. They ruin everything. I just hate raw, fresh tomatoes. Eventually I landed on mayo, A-1, caramelized onions, and cheese. I recently had a patty melt at a vegan brewery and it was the best burger I've ever had, hands down. In a couple days I would love to try making my own burgers and see how it works out.

A Big "Moc" from Chili Mustard Onions, a vegan restaurant in Detroit (sadly closed now)

What movie defined your generation?

Without a doubt it was American Pie. Lines were crossed in that movie like never before and it was just such a fair, accurate description of my generation without the crazy, over-the-top antics you see in a lot of comedies. I must've seen that movie 100 times, along with it's sequels, and it will never get old. I still laugh out loud at a lot of the stuff and the soundtrack was the best.


  1. Freak on a Leash has been stuck on repeat in my head for almost 3 weeks.

  2. I love that Jerry wants to play along on the blog. He's quite a character. I can see why your marriage works.


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