November 22, 2022

On This Day...

The post I'd planned to share today was taking SO LONG that it will have to wait. Instead, I decided to do an "On This Day" post--photos that I've taken on this day (November 22) throughout the years. These posts are always fun to do (or not, depending on how many photos I have) because I never know what I'm going to find. It's a fun trip down memory lane! And apparently, November 22 was a popular day through the years because I have several pictures.

The first is from 2004, when Noah was just four months old. I loved that little duck towel I would wrap him in after his bath!

This one is from 2009, and it's so cute! I have no idea what's going on here, because Eli was potty trained long before this, but it makes me think about putting the kids on the toilet seat and with them being so small, they look like they'll fall right in! I love how happy he looks :)

I look terrible in this picture. This was when I was recovering from my jaw repair surgeries. And the towel on my pillow! Haha, when the surgeon repaired my jaw, he had to cut the "labial frenulum" (the little band of tissue that connects your lower lip to your gums) and ever since then, I drool in my sleep. Fun fact ;)  

Fast forward to a year later, and I was recovering from my skin removal surgery. These are my drain tubes--there were four across my abdomen.

I've always been a cat magnet, and with all the lying around I did after surgeries, they wouldn't leave me alone.

Later that day, I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeon. She may have removed my drains that day, but with the amount of fluid in them, I'm guessing probably not.

In 2012, I discovered how much Estelle loves canned pumpkin. I dropped a blob of it on the floor and she went nuts for it. So I gave her a little dish of her own.

In 2015, I guess I went for a run! This is when I was training for my goal 10K.

And then Jerry and I went to a family get-together (on his side). I can't remember what it was for, though. I'm pretty sure that's the only time in my life I've tucked in a shirt, and now I can see why! Hahaha.

Later, I put on my sock monkey onesie. I really wish I still had it! It was super comfy.

In 2016... Does anyone remember when "bottle flipping" was a thing with kids? They would toss water bottles in the air and try to make them land upright. It was SO ANNOYING--the noise that it made drove me (and probably thousands of other parents) crazy. This was my Facebook status--I don't know why I have a screenshot of it, but I'm glad I do. It made me laugh!

And in 2017, I'm guessing November 22 was a Wednesday, because here is a scale picture from my Wednesday Weigh-In. Interestingly, I am about the same weight today as I was five years ago. We won't talk about the in-between time, hahaha.

In 2019, I must have gone for a walk or run, because this is along my usual route. It's so pretty!

Also in 2019, I painted these trays... just a quick project.

In 2020, Duck lying in a sploot position--no matter how often he does this, I still laugh every time!

Also in 2020... playing Ticket to Ride during lockdown. My boys' hair hasn't been that short ever since. I miss when they had short hair! But they hate seeing pictures of it because it was "so ugly". I just can't get on board with the current trends in teen boy hairstyles. (Mullets? Perms? Why?)

This was in 2021--I remember wearing this outside, but I can't remember if it was a walk or a run. We'll just say it's a run ;)

And, finally, another one from 2021. This was just a project my dad asked me to do. He painted a board to use as a chess board, and he wanted there to be shallow grooves around each square to separate them better. So I used my router to do it for him. What I remember about that night in the garage was how COLD it was.

And there we go... I wish I had more pictures from the early years, but I guess November 22nd was uneventful back then!


  1. I'm with you on the hairstyles. #getoffmylawn

  2. That picture from your run is simply stunning.

  3. I like looking back over the years! This made me wonder how you organize your pictures. I have SO many and I need to figure out a good way to organize them all. PS. My family loves Ticket to Ride - I bought it because you recommended it :)


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