September 5, 2022

A Spontaneous Run Together

This post is going to be pretty short and include some silly pictures--it's been a busy day! We didn't do anything super fun but the weather was a very fall-like day, which is my favorite--overcast and a little cooler than usual. I had no idea that Jerry had the day off work today until this afternoon, otherwise I might have planned something. Instead, I worked on the bathroom project all morning and then Jerry and I both worked on it some more in the evening.

All morning, I kept looking outside and thinking that it looked like perfect running weather and I--ME, KATIE--had the urge to go for a run and take advantage of the weather. As I was getting dressed, I asked Jerry if he wanted to go with me and he said no. He doesn't love running ;)  

I suggested going to the state park for a run (I used to go there all the time and it's been who-knows-how-long since the last time I ran there). Still, he said no. I told him I was going to go anyway and as I was getting my running clothes on, he changed his mind and said he'd regret it if he didn't go. We hadn't run together in a long time so I thought it would be fun. We could go at an easy pace and chat without any distractions.

So that's what we did. And it was the best! As we were running, everything looked so familiar as if I'd just been there recently. I could even remember the mileage at certain spots along the trail. I told Jerry we should take a mid-run selfie and he certainly did--he took about a million and a half photos within 30 seconds, haha. So this is just a collage of some silly pictures (during and after).

I can't wait until the leaves start changing colors! I renewed my license plate today and added on the recreation pass (a yearly pass to get into the park) so I'm going to try to make it a point to run at the state park more often. (I always add the pass to my license plate but I never make use of it!) The change of scenery gave me a little spark of excitement about running again. :)

I'm SO excited for cross country practice tomorrow--the kids are going to go crazy when they see the fun rewards they can earn by running. (I like to call them rewards and not "prizes" because the whole point is for them to work for it.)

I really wish that I was able to express just how grateful I am and how generous you all are. I told Jerry today that I wish there was a way to SHOW that I am not just saying thank you; I'm stunned at how kind and generous people are for someone that they don't even know. So, please know that when I say thank you, those aren't just words. My heart feels like it's going to explode with gratitude!


  1. Katie, I'm one of the people who bought something off the Amazon wish list! I wanted to comment to say it stuck out to me that you couldn't believe people would be so generous for someone they don't even know. But I bought something because I *do* feel like I know you - not like someone in your personal life would know you, but I know you're a hard worker and so dedicated to the kids in cross country, and you never ask your readers for anything for personal gain. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to help you inspire kids to run, in whatever small way I can. You are amazing! I can't wait to hear all about the upcoming XC season :)

  2. Katie you said you're almost 40 years old. Neither of you look it (not that 40 is close to being old). You two look like young people, I mean in your 30's. He took really good pictures!

  3. That's so fun you were able to run together!! I'm also so ready for fall this year which shocks me because I'm normally a summer gal through and through. Guess I must be getting older! ;)

  4. Oh Katie. Don't you know by now how much we appreciate you? Of course not. That's part of what makes you YOU! Hugs and thanks for the fun post.


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