December 8, 2021

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 28 (and another Duck update)

As evidenced by my pajama pants and Muk Luks slippers in the above photo, this week has been nothing short of exhausting (mentally and physically), completely draining (emotionally), and stressful (which I combated by eating). So, I was totally set up for a great weigh in! Hahaha.

I actually haven't weighed in for two weeks; last week, I had a super rough night trying to sleep (and I think my new medication was giving me weird side effects) and I just plain forgot to do the weigh-in. Then my week just started going downhill; and when Duck needed surgery on Friday, I can't even describe how upset I was.

Naturally, being the very mentally-stable person I am, I catastrophize everything--so I was already imagining that he was going to die during surgery and how I would never be able to get over it or move on.  I know it sounds completely overdramatic for those of you that aren't super close with a pet, and I understand that. I've been attached to lots of pets before, but there is something different about Duck. I have a special bond with him that I can't even put into words.

I was more worried and stressed during this past week than I have been since one of my kids was very sick or something like that. The worst part about pets being sick/needing surgery/staying overnight at the vet/etc is that they don't understand. You can't explain to them that this is for their own good, that you'll be back to get them, that you're not just abandoning them.

After the vet told me I needed to bring Duck in this morning, I immediately thought that he was going to be staying there for days while they opened him back up and found he was septic and would have to remove all of his intestines and [insert more overdrama here].

(I really can be a rational person in most situations. When my family comes to me with problems, I am really good at being calm and matter-of-fact. But this kind of stuff just makes me come unglued.)

Anyway, I brought Duck to the vet this morning (again) where he cried the entire drive (again). I handed him over from the car to the tech (again) and then just sat and waited. It turns out that it was just the beginning of a minor infection to the outer incision (thank God it wasn't the incisions on his intestines). They said it was good that I brought him in so early because it was an easy fix. They did some sort of laser treatment on it (I'm going to have to Google that when I'm done writing this) and then gave me an antibiotic to bring home for him as well.

He is actually totally fine--he's eating a ton, using the litter box, sleeping well; he wants to play and move around, but I'm trying to limit his activity for another week or so. Look how sweet he looks <3 

He HATES the cone and the little "recovery suit" I ordered from Amazon still isn't here! (I tried a quick homemade one and it didn't work out very well.) The one I ordered was scheduled to be delivered yesterday, and I literally waited up until 11:00 PM even though I wanted to go to bed so that I could let Duck sleep without his cone. Finally, I just went to bed, figuring Joey would bark when Amazon pulled up.

In the morning, I saw the notification that the package would be delivered today or tomorrow. Ugh! I am normally pretty patient when waiting for packages, but of all the times for one to be late, I just wish it wasn't now. It's 5:00 PM and still no sign of it, so I just really hope it's delivered before bedtime.

Anyway, poor Duck has gotten used to wearing his cone (I'm sure he wore it the entire weekend at the vet) but he gets very happy when I take it off of him to eat or use the litter box. (I have to stay right by his side, though, so he doesn't lick his incision.) It's so sad to watch him sleep with it! Haha.

Well, on with the weigh-in!

I was expecting to see a huge gain this week; between the stress eating and Jerry making Christmas cookies, I've also been pretty inactive (I've been sitting with Duck most of the time since he's been home). So, imagine my surprise shock when I got on the scale:

I was at 155.8, which is EXACTLY what I weighed for my last weigh-in (two weeks ago--remember, I didn't weigh in last week). It's up a little from the previous week's 154.6, but considering what a bad week I've had as far as food goes, I'm thrilled with this weight. (Now watch, it'll all catch up to me in the next few days and next week's weigh-in will be a nightmare! haha)

After all that was going on this week, my weight was the last thing I was worried about. I feel a lot better now knowing that Duck is on the mend (and a bit of peace of mind after having his incision checked today). After another day or two, I think I'll finally feel much more relaxed. And I'll feel so much better when he can wear that recovery suit instead of the cone!

Here are a couple of sad pictures of Duck with his cone. He was sleeping like this!

Again, sleeping...

Let's hope his recovery suit arrives today. (Again, thank you for all the well-wishes for Duck! It's not over, but the worst of it should be.)

Oh! And I've gotten behind on some blogging stuff I'd planned to get up this week--one of which is the post about readers who sell handmade items (with links to their online shops). I've only gotten a handful, so I am putting out this final call to PLEASE participate if you sell handmade items. You can find all the info on this post.


  1. Oh, little Duckster is milking the cone for all it's worth. ❤️ I'm so glad that it was just a small infection and hopefully, the treatment and antibiotics will knock it down quickly.

  2. I keep thinking about your baby and hoping he's getting back to normal. You look amazing and you're a strong person! I have an idea for paying those vet bills. I'm almost done with a really pretty, and big quilt. If you could somehow arrange a raffle, and we send you a picture of it, then all the money goes for kitties vet bills? I hate to brag, but this quilt is a fantastic one! I'll be thinking of you and your family and hope you will give this raffle a thought. We could mail it to you, and you take the pictures with Duck laying on it with his family. Hope you stay warm and have a happy Christmas.

    1. Karen, that is SO VERY KIND of you to offer! I appreciate that so much (and I'd love to see pics of your quilt!) but when we adopted the kitties, we knew we may incur some vet bills--that's just life with a pet ;) Thankfully, we were able to build up a bit of savings when I paid off our debt a few years ago, so we'll be okay. It just sucks that it happened right before Christmas, haha!

      But please, email me pics of the quilt--I'd love to share them in a "reader email" post :) Thank you again for the offer!

  3. I hope Duck continues to heal up and his little recovery suit comes today. Seems like lots of things are delayed with the holidays coming, so bad timing for Duck's injury/surgery. Hopefully the stress of this is (mostly) behind you!

  4. YAY! That's all, just a huge, giant, enormous YAY to you and Duck from a another fur-baby parent.

  5. Oh sweet little Duck! I'm so glad he's getting better! He looks so cute in his little cone but I know how the pets hate the cone of shame! I 100% get where you are coming from on these pets that just tug on our heartstrings. I had to take my dog to the emergency vet this last May (and had to hand over from the car which absolutely tore my heart out) and as we're sitting there waiting I turned to my husband and said I hope you realize that I'll sell our house if I have to to save this dog. So I get it! And luckily my girl was just fine as well! These animals need us!

  6. Glad Duck is back home with you! Did you rage-burn all of your yarn yet? I would've thrown it out while saying "NO Yarn in the house everrrrrrrr!!!!!" Lol!

  7. Congrats on your stable weight - especially with all that's going on!
    I am so glad Duck is ok and you caught the minor infection quickly. I had two black cats who both died of kidney failure within 10 months of each other - a piece of my heart went too. I now have two kittens and when they get so much as an eye infection I start freaking out. So I totally get where you're coming from and heart goes out to you.
    Duck is pretty special. Prayers and love to you both as he recovers.

  8. Glad Duck is doing better. I have two cats and one got sick early on in the pandemic and I spent 5 hours sitting outside the emergency clinic. She ended up having kidney issues and has to visit the vet every 6 months. Today was a 6 month check up and she cried all the way there and all the way home. The other one does too, but not as bad as this one.

  9. I'm so glad Duck is home with you hope the recovery suit works great. I can definitely identify with the stress and heartache when a loved animal is not well, it's so hard to see them struggle especially when they can't understand all that's happening. Sending continued good thoughts and healing wishes for you all and Duck.

  10. We’ve used baby onesies on our dogs and cats in the part if they’ve had injuries surgeries. Maybe that could work?? Poor Duck but also poor you. I’m so sorry for what you went thru with him!❤️


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