November 14, 2021

Looking for Crafty Readers

Hey, Friends! So this is something I've done in years past, and I thought it would be fun to do again.

As you know, I love all things crafty and DIY. I wish I had the desire and ambition to make things to sell, but I'm usually a one-project-and-move-on kind of girl. I might make something and then get lots of people who request one, but I just don't enjoy making the same things over again (the masks last yera totally wiped me out! hahaha). Also, I get nervous that it won't be good enough if someone is paying for it! I'm kind of a perfectionist in that way.

I know just how much time and effort goes into crafts and it's not always easy to sell them. So, with the holidays coming up, I'd like to offer free advertising for those of you with Etsy shops or other ways of selling your handmade crafts. I don't have the largest reach in the blogosphere (I'm a minnow in the ocean!) but I do have a bigger audience than I ever anticipated. I am SO grateful that it has allowed me to earn a modest income and I like to share that in various ways with my readers when I can.

So, if you would like to share a link to your small crafting business/Etsy page/etc., here is your chance! I would also like to promote anyone who is looking for donations for particular gifting items (if you are adopting a family for the holidays, for example, adopting a soldier, donating toys to a shelter, or even donating items to an animal shelter). 

Here are a few guidelines:

1) The stores must be small self-run businesses or Etsy shops or something like that, where you are the sole owner/crafter.

2) They must be exclusively handmade or DIY items by YOU.

3) Donations requested may not be monetary donations; you can make a wishlist on Amazon to share or create a list of items requested and to where they can be sent. No links to GoFundMe or other sites like that.

4) If you are requesting items for donation, you must explain who it is for (without giving personal identifying details, of course) and why they need donations. Also, when and how you plan to deliver them.

5) You may include a discount code for Runs for Cookies readers (this has been popular in the past) if you'd like.

To make a submission:

1. Please send me an email describing your crafting business--what your craft is, what sort of items you make, how you sell them, a link where people can find it, and anything else you may find relevant. Keep this to 1-2 paragraphs (or if it's longer, I may edit it down depending on how many submissions I get).

2. Please attach 2-4 photos of your items for sale (or more if you'd like me to choose the best ones to use) or pictures of items that you've sold in the past. (Please don't edit the photos or collage them--I'd like to do that in a uniform way for my blog.) The higher the resolution, the better!

I really hope that you'll consider sharing your business on here! It's been super fun to see in the past. Here is an example post: Handmade with Love: Readers share their handmade crafts.

It's important to note that I reserve the right not to post something if it doesn't follow the guidelines or if I otherwise see a reason for it. But the point of this is to share your talents and maybe make some sales for the holidays! (You may want to note whether orders can be fulfilled before Christmas.)

Deadline: Please make sure to submit the info by Friday, November 26th so that I can have the weekend to put the post together and get it published ASAP. 

Like I said, I don't typically sell things (once in a GREAT while I'll do it) but here are a ton of things I've made for gifts over the years...

pink knitted baby blanket

shirt design

wooden photo collage

handmade wooden sign

handmade apron

crocheted aviator baby hat

garter stitch baby blanket

handmade daybed frame

handmade corner desk

handmade double layer knit hat

wooden fishing gear storage DIY

crocheted baby yoda

knit coffee sleeve

crocheted baby flip flops

knitted baby sweater and hat

handmade tea wallet

crocheted baby hat with ribbon butterfly

handmade felted wine caddies with embroidered initial

handmade fornicating deer knit beer bottle sweater

handmade knit personalized Christmas stocking

beer basket raffle donation

crocheted baby earflap hat

handmade masks for COVID mandate

t-shirt design from TV show Psych

crocheted Swiffer cover

I've seen a TON of amazing crafts from readers, things I couldn't imagine being able to do, and it's super fun to see all of the talented crafters' work out there. So, please please consider submitting!


  1. You are so incredibly talented, Katie! As a "crapter" rather than crafter (the ideas in my head are SOOO much more elegant and creative than what my paws can manage to put together 😹), I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what's out there among your readers.

    1. I agree completely about Katie being talented from working with all of those potentially dangerous tools to creating with yarn. I would be interested in buying a homemaid sweater that is knitted. Very interested. What I want to do more of is embroidering. And I've hand sewn lots of witch dolls.

  2. This is so cool! I don't make to sell, but I knit and crochet and sew for my grandchildren. I'm looking forward to shopping!!

  3. This will be so fun to read!!

  4. Hi Katie, such a wonderful thing to do for crafters - thanks so much. I just sent you an email but wanted to be sure I have your correct email at Thank you, Lorie

    1. Yes, that is correct! I'm glad you're joining in :)

    2. Awesome! Thanks again Katie!


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