August 31, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #40 : 5-Minute Transformations

Happy Transformation Tuesday :)  When I sat down to start this post today, I realized that I didn't have any transformations to post this week!

Rather than skip the post altogether, I thought about what sort of personal transformation I could post that I haven't posted already. I didn't have time to do something very significant. And then I realized I could do a few "5-minute transformations"--things that took me about 5 minutes to transform.

These aren't anything spectacular, but considering I spent less than 30 minutes doing it today, I'm happy with what I accomplished! Here goes...

First, I tackled my bathroom sink area. It'd been collecting junk and every time I walked into the bathroom, it nagged at me. You would think I would have just cleaned it up before, but I just kept waiting for who-knows-what before doing it.

Next, I knew I had to straighten up the shoes at the front door. I am the only one in this house who actually puts my shoes on the shelves and it drives me CRAZY that my family doesn't spend the two seconds it takes to do it! I put away the shoes (if they aren't shoes that we wear frequently, we keep them in our bedroom closets; the ones at the front door are the ones we wear several times a week. (And yes, I plan to replace that rug!)

Then, I decided to organize the water bottles in the kitchen cupboards. This transformation is kind of hard to notice--I didn't get rid of more than 3-4 water bottles, so there is still a lot up there--but I flipped over the shelf because it was bending under the weight of some dishes (I need to cut a piece of wood to replace that cheap one). I put that small stack of dishes in a different cupboard. I matched up the water bottles with their lids and got rid of the random pieces. Then I set them neatly on the shelf instead of cramming them up there.

And finally, I organized the little junk-collection tray on the counter. This is supposed to be for mail and bills, but it became a catch-all and no matter how often I organize it, it'll look like the "before" picture in no time. Still, it feels good when it's cleaned up. I filed the important papers in an accordion folder; threw away the outdated junk; and sorted the rest into piles to put away where they belong.

Now... I challenge all of YOU to find a 5-minute transformation project. Pick something that nags at you whenever you see it and just decide to spend 5 minutes working on it (even if it takes 10-15 minutes, that's still worth it). Take a before and after photo! Then send it to me for Transformation Tuesday. To submit a transformation, just send me a before photo and an after photo at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Don't forget to include your name and a description of your transformation!


  1. I see from the photo of your front door that you hang your purse there. My husband is a security technician and always warns his customers to never have a purse right beside the door if it has ID and other personal information in it (credit cards, etc. Anything that could be used to steal your identity) as it's too easy to grab if someone breaks into your house.

    Probably super silly but it's always stuck with me since he said it over a decade ago!

  2. This is very inspiring! I definitely have some things around the house that could use a 5 minute transformation lol. I will do that tonight and take some pics!

  3. These transformations are so powerful! Just 5 minutes. My brain tells me a task is going to take too long so I don't even begin. And here you are showing us what's possible in just a few bits of time. Thank you always.

  4. Brilliant concept and such pleasing results! :)


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