February 28, 2021

Affirmators! - Week 2 - Impermanence

Last week, I wrote about how my friend John sent me some Affirmators! cards--whimsical cards with positive affirmations. I am going to blindly draw a card once a week and make that an affirmation to put into practice the best that I can.

Last week, I worked on gentleness, particularly with myself. And I did really well with it! If nothing else, I found myself much more aware of the negative thoughts and I put a stop to them as soon as I realized it. I made sure to remind myself to be gentle with my words and thoughts.

This is the card I drew today. It took my reading it several times to really understand it:

"Life is always changing, and I drift easily through those changes, good and bad. As I drift through hard times, I can take comfort in knowing that I will leave them behind. As I drift away from good times, I can take comfort in knowing that more will come my way. Impermanence is an equal-opportunity nonentity."

This card is actual pretty perfect for me. I've written numerous times that I thrive on routine, and that's not really a good thing. Changes in my routine throw me off kilter and I have a very hard time adapting. I would really like to be able to go with the flow.

I can try to maintain a routine, but I would also like to be able to adapt to a change in that routine if something should come up. The past two days have been hard in this sense because Luke and Riley came over and spent the night. I can't do ANY sort of routine when they are here--they are two and three years old! We had a lot of fun, but it's completely exhausting--mentally and physically. (I don't know how I ever managed that every day with my kids, haha.)

I have to stop fearing change and I'd love to learn to just go with the flow. It would be so nice not to get tripped up over little things--good or bad. So, that is what I'd like to work on this week. It's not really something that can be helped in a week, but hopefully reading the positive affirmation frequently will help me when things do come up.

On a deeper level, there have been big changes recently (the pandemic changed all sorts of things) and we have major changes coming up (the kids becoming more and more independent until they eventually move out). I want to be prepared to handle those with some confidence!

This was a good card to draw today.

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  1. Ooh, that's a good card. I'm curious to hear how/if it helps you as you ponder it through the week.

  2. When I first heard about impermanence, it scared me. I didn't realize how much I try to control or how scary it is to let things go. Meditation has really helped, but it's still more of a concept in my head than something I feel comfortable with. I too will be interested to hear how it impacts you long-term.


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