November 29, 2020

An Update on November's To Do List

Just a quick look back on my "To Do" list for November...

I periodically forgot that I'd even made a list of some random things I wanted to get done this month. Now, here it is, November 29, and I wanted to see if I completed some (or any) of the things on my list! (I really should write out a list to hang on the fridge or something to keep things at the front of my mind.) 

Buy the materials to build nightstands for my bedroom. I actually did go to Lowe's to get the materials (I was all set to finally do it!) and then I was told that they couldn't cut down the plywood I needed with their saw because it needs a special blade (for hardwood). I was frustrated once again. I really want to build nightstands!

I've been looking on Facebook Marketplace for a pair that I like in order to repaint them or something to make them a project--but no luck finding what I want yet. Jerry's sister, Laura, offered to meet me with her truck to get the boards home from Lowe's, so I may end up doing that. I just feel bad asking that of someone.

Mend some clothes. I was actually just working on this today! I did spend some time at least three times this month with the serger (which was my main purpose for wanting to bust out the sewing stuff). There are two pairs of black pants I stuck aside because I have to fix a seam on each and I forgot about those. I'm excited that I found them today because one pair was my favorite until the seam came apart on the side.

I was working on a light colored shirt today (I altered the sleeves a LOT and it took forever... I'll try to get photos to post soon), and I want to finish up the light colored clothes before changing the thread on my machine to black for the pants.

Make cuffs for my jacket. I haven't done this yet--but I think about it a lot, if that counts! Haha. I actually switched to a warmer jacket this month, so I haven't needed them as much.

I did find a size 3XL gray jersey-knit maxi dress at Goodwill for super cheap and I thought it would be perfect to buy for the fabric (taking the dress apart). The fabric feels like a super soft t-shirt and it's in great shape--and since the dress is a large size, I'll have quite a bit of the fabric to work with for other items as well. 

I definitely want to make a pair of sleeves/arm warmers(?) with long cuffs with thumbholes. It sounds odd, but when I walk in the mornings, they would come in very handy.

Clean out my closet. I haven't done this at all, and I wish I could say that I'd attempted it, but I have just been avoiding it. I'm just not sure what to do with everything. There are clothes that I LOVE and I hope to be able to fit into again someday; but I also don't want to hold onto the past and constantly strive to get back there.

Yes, I want to lose the extra weight. Clearly, I'm having a very hard time doing that. I haven't been able to fit into some of these clothes for three years, so how long do I hold onto them? I may pack up my very favorites and put them in the garage for a time limit of, say 18 months. If I can't wear them in 18 months, then I get rid of them. (Or something like that.)

I especially love these jeans. I bought them from Salvation Army (they were just plain denim) and then I used sandpaper and a seam ripper to make some (carefully crafted) holes. I also cut out fabric patches and sewed those on. I only wore them a handful of times, and I loved to wear them again! (This photo from was November 2017.)

Touch up the paint in the kitchen. I still haven't done this. I think of it EVERY time I am cooking, too. I need to set a day and time for when I'm going to spend the time doing it. It's also time to remove the caulk in the kitchen and bathrooms and replace with new. 

Organize the pantry. I did organize it very well at the beginning of the month, and it's still looking much better, but I could certainly tidy it up again. I really ought to just make this a weekly chore--it's "easier to keep it clean than to keep cleaning it" (something I always tell my kids about their bedrooms).

Start a gratitude journal. I haven't made an "official" gratitude journal, but I have been writing things I am grateful for here and there in my regular journal. I've been trying to think more positively in general (I really wish it was as easy as, "Hey, think nice thoughts and you'll be happy!" but we all know we aren't in control of how we feel). 

I think what I'll do about the journal is to buy a second "Some Lines A Day" journal (Amazon affiliate link) and use it just for gratitude. Then I'll think of three things every day that I am grateful for, rather than keeping a long list (so it doesn't get redundant). 

Well, I guess I didn't do TOO bad on the list this month. I can't believe how fast the month went by, actually. It feels like Halloween was just last week!


  1. Love this list. Thank you. Also, not sure you meant it as a reminder, but often folks with depression have trouble with gratitude lists. They are meant to make us feel better, but they can have the opposite effect. Lately, I've been noting "what is." I just write what's in front of my face without judgment. There's something about the neutrality that makes it safe and often, without any pushing or pulling, I feel positive energy arise! I'm not saying there's anything wrong with gratitude lists. It's good to see what I'm taking for granted. I just hope everyone is extra gentle with themselves about this if it doesn't work for them. Always love reading your posts!

    1. That's a great alternative to the gratitude list. Never thought of that.

    2. I love this idea! I'm not sure how easy it would be to put into practice, but it makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the suggestion!

  2. Not sure what kind of wood you want to use for the night stands but I use birch plywood quite often and it cuts just fine. I cut it on my own table saw, I have not had home depot make cuts for me before but I don't have a special blade at all. You can also buy iron on banding for it to cover the edges and it actually looks really nice. I built a murphy bed for our house earlier this year. I would be happy to answer questions and/or chat about it if you are interested. I love watching all your projects as I woodwork, sew, crochet myself! :D Keep on creating!

    1. I have some leftover birch that my brother gave me (not enough for the nightstands, but at least some to make something small) so maybe I'll give it a try! That's awesome you built a murphy bed! It sounds like a big project. I'd love to see photos, if you want to email them! :)


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