July 18, 2020

Party Like It's 1999

I'm going to keep this super short; my friend Adam is over right now, so I'm catching up with him. He's having a conversation with Noah right now (about religion!), so I'm going to type this post while I can.

I met Adam in high school (he's the friend I just wrote about recently... he bought a van and turned it into a home). Now that the social distancing rules are getting a little more flexible, he came over for dinner and to catch up.

We started talking about high school and I asked if he remembered such-and-such person. Eventually, I brought out my yearbook from 2000. It's probably the first time I've opened it since I got it as a senior. You would think I'd have checked it out, because I was on the yearbook staff! Haha.

Sifting through it, I found some fun stuff--surveys about the 1999-2000 school year, interesting things that happened in that timespan, and of course, people that I'd totally forgotten about until now.

I was laughing so hard at the irony of a stupid quote from me in our yearbook class:

"I'm not on the Internet!" --Katie

I am not sure what that quote was regarding, but I'm *guessing* that I'm saying, "Hey, I'm not surfing the web, I'm working on my yearbook spread." I honestly cannot remember this at ALL. Except that it was in my favorite teacher's class.

But seeing the quote, I just thought of how ironic it is. I'm ALL OVER the freaking internet now, hahahaha. (I never intended that, but it just got out of hand back in 2011 and I embraced it.)

Also, what the heck is an "art editor"?!

And also again, "Thrift Fair" was the best! It was a second-hand store where I bought all of my clothes. The division in my class is funny--Abercrombie vs. Thrift Fair--and is quite the difference.  I'll always be a second-hand-clothing person. On Mondays, everything was half off at Thrift Fair!

Here are some surveys in the yearbook that I found interesting... Remember, I graduated in 2000, so this is from the 1999-2000 generation :)

One of the things that was a huge that year was the whole "Y2K" scare. December 31, 1999 was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I went to my friend Andy's house for a party, and had lots of fun with my friends. Everyone was excited/nervous about what was going to happen at midnight.

When it was finally time to countdown, we all started counting down from 10... 9... 8...

3... 2... 1...

BOOM. All the lights went off and the power to the entire house went out. It was a total blackout.

I actually can't remember my thoughts immediately afterward. I think we were all in disbelief and confused?

Anyway, it turned out that Andy's parents have an insanely awesome sense of humor... they turned off the electrical breakers to the house at exactly midnight to scare the shit out of all of us! I totally want to be that kind of parent ;)

I kind of love that I was part of that generation/the graduating class of 2000. Anyone else remember the Y2K scare?


  1. Is it bad that I laughed at the misspelled “remembrance” that is after your photo editor’s quote about spell checking?

  2. I also graduated in 2000 and remember thinking the world may just end on 12/31/99! Ironically i think we’re closer to the world ending 2020 with all this craziness.

    How does your friend not get claustrophobic living in a van? He’s cute though. Maybe he should drive it over to Massachusetts? Lol

  3. I graduated in 2001, so all of this is extremely familiar! I was driving around with my best friend on NYE and I remember we thought we were going to die together when it was midnight, due to the Y2K scare.

  4. I was a young married woman and had a very low key NYE with neighborhood friends at our house. It was unseasonably warm and we grilled out some deer steak and everyone brought sides potluck style.

  5. So good. Now it would read “I am the internet.”


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