September 19, 2017

RECIPE: (Mom's) Beef Stew

This is my mom's recipe for beef stew. While typically, beef stew has potatoes and a heartier gravy, we've always eaten this over egg noodles (without potatoes), and a thinner, tomato-based sauce. I actually prefer this much more! It has a nice texture with the noodles, and the sauce has more flavor than gravy does.

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Mom's Beef Stew

2 tsp. oil
12-16 oz. round steak, cubed (I buy round steak because it's cheap; but use what you like)
1 onion, chopped
2 tsp. Kitchen Bouquet (this is a liquid seasoning, found with things like Worcestershire sauce)
1 cup of beef broth
1 (15 oz) can of crushed tomatoes
3 carrots, sliced
1 cup frozen peas
Egg noodles for serving

Heat the oil in a skillet, and add the beef and onion together. Cook until the beef is just browned. Add the Kitchen Bouquet, beef broth, and tomatoes. Cover and simmer on low heat for about an hour. Add the carrots, and continue cooking for about 45 minutes (until carrots are soft and beef is tender). Add the peas and heat through (about 5 minutes more). Serve over egg noodles.


When I've been in a hurry, I've cooked this in 30 minutes--but the beef won't be as tender as it would if you cook it low and slow.

You can also adjust the amount of carrots and peas in it, too. I happen to love peas, so sometimes I add 2 cups.

The sauce is meant to be thinner than typical beef stew recipes. It's really flavorful, though, and the noodles are delicious when they take on the flavor of the sauce.

Jerry, the kids, and I all love this recipe! Great comfort food :)


  1. I love a good beef stew!

    This one looks amazing -- and my hubby always likes it served with homemade bread on the side (instead of noodles). Something about the smell of beef stew combined with homemade bread just screams "fall" and "cozy"!

  2. The stew looks delish. Incidentally "Words With Friends" just added a whole bunch of acceptable words--among them DELISH! As I recall, you, like me, are addicted to that damn game.
    I wanted to comment on yesterday's blog. Thanks for being so open about how your mental health affected your marriage, both before and after diagnosis and getting on the right meds. It's a delicate balance, between wanting to be needed and resenting that sometimes overwhelming need. It sounds like you and Jerry have weathered the storm and come to realize that you can get through anything together which makes you even closer. We are kind of in the same situation at my house. After years of my hubs taking care of me, due to my morbid obesity, now the roles are somewhat reserved, as he is fighting cancer and needs my help. It's good that we can count on each other to be there through thick and thin, literally, isn't it? We sure picked the right guys to marry!

  3. This recipe looks great. Have you ever made this in a crockpot? I'm thinking you could throw everything in there and let it cook on low for a few hours. I may give it a try because I'm so lazy:)

  4. This looks so good! Love egg noodles. No peas allowed in our house though! ;)


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