January 5, 2016

2016 Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K Sign-Up


Finally! No, I did not forget about the annual virtual 5K. I just kept procrastinating working on the bib, t-shirt logo, and social media logo stuff (because I'm not good at things like that, and it takes forever to make the tiniest change--like the date!). Anyway, I was sick on Sunday, so I finally didn't have any excuses, and I got it done. Sorry it took so long!

If you've been reading my blog for a year or more, then you are familiar with the annual Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K. It all started in 2013, when I turned 31. I wanted to do something fun for my birthday, and you all know I love numbers--my 31st birthday was also my "5K" birthday (5K= 3.1 miles; 3.1, 31... yeah, it made sense at the time. I was probably drinking wine when I had the idea).

Random fun fact: My birthday is on January 25th, and who could possibly be a more fun person to share it with than Steve Prefontaine?! I had no idea who he was until I became a runner, but after watching the movie Prefontaine (if you haven't seen it, you should!), I read more about him, and learned that he, too, was born on January 25th. So, if you don't want to run for me, then run for Pre! ;)

I thought that hosting a virtual 5K would be an awesome way to celebrate 31 years... how cool would it be to run a 5K "with" hundreds of friends? The "race" is just for fun--to keep it free, I don't offer medals or t-shirts or anything like that. I just want as many people as possible to commit to running or walking 3.1 miles with me on my birthday!

The event will take place on January 25th (as always). This year, it's a Monday. Here's how it works: 
1) Sign up on the form below, to state your commitment.
2) Any time you'd like on January 25, run or walk 3.1 miles.
3) PLEASE take a picture to share! Not required, but so much fun to see.
4) Fill out the "finisher's form", which will be posted on my blog that day (it will ask for your finishing time--this is optional, but make sure you take note of it in case you want to share it).
5) (Optional) Upload your picture to social media using the hashtag #RfCVirtual5K, and/or post it on my Facebook page to share a little about your run.

The part I love best about the Virtual 5K is going through all the photos on social media and reading about others' experiences--people running or walking in all different countries around the globe, some running in snow, some running in heat, some using the treadmill or doing laps in their basements. It's very cool to see so many people achieve the same goal in so many different ways!

Noah did it in 2013

Eli in 2013

I have a printable bib that you can wear (or not, it's up to you). FYI, if you print this at 100% (NOT "fit to page") it will be a normal "bib-size" and not a massive 8-1/2 x 11 size.

I have a t-shirt logo, in case you want to use it to make your own t-shirt. This has a transparent background, so it's best to use this logo when printing a shirt; the other logos have white backgrounds.

Finally, here is a "social media" logo, in case you wanted to share on social media that you'll be doing the event. You can use hashtag #RfCVirtual5K if you'd like.

Sorry it took me so long to get this info up! Next year, I'll aim to get it up sooner ;) If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Otherwise, here is the sign-up form below:


  1. I'm looking forward to this! My third time - I had the flu last year and had to sit it out.

  2. I'll have to sit out this year (I'm having surgery in a few days and won't be able to exercise much). It makes me a bit sad because I enjoyed it last year! Hopefully I'll do it again in 2017!

  3. I hit my WW 10% last week and have been starting to add a bit of jogging in with the walks, so I'll be able to actually RUN part of your 5K this year!

    Looking forward to seeing all the pics too.

  4. This will be coming off my Disney Star Wars run on 1/16! Can't wait!

  5. Third year now!! I just realized I will still be in Fla visiting my in-laws and will have done a half the day before so I may just walk it and not run :)

  6. Yay I can't wait! I always look forward to this!

  7. First timer here, looking forward to it and aiming for sub 35 minute 5k with you! Thanks for doing this!

  8. I'm in! I love this Katie! I asked a couple of gf's to join me virtually!
    (I will be on a cruise but will post when I get home :) )

  9. You share your birthday with Pre? Oh, now that is just crazy cool!!

    I will add a little extra to my normal Monday 3-miler to participate! And I'll try to get a picture (in the dark, lol!). I love this "race"!! :)

  10. I am excited for this! I have Mondays off so no excuse not to participate. The weather will determine if it's at the gym on a treadmill or outside. I'm in Montreal, so it's a toss up!


  11. I've done it every year with you, Katie! it marks the anniversary of my commitment to health so it is one of my favorites. :)

  12. Whoa! Just signed up for first-time-ever 5K: total newbie here but SO excited. Thanks for creating this inspiring event - you are an inspiration!

  13. Whoa! Just committed for first-time-ever 5K; total newbie, here. I am SO excited. Thank you so much for creating this event - you are an inspiration!


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