September 29, 2014

Motivational Monday #80

Happy Motivational Monday! Hopefully everyone has had a fantastic week. It's been challenging for me--I was hoping that the longer I did intuitive eating, the easier it would get, but the opposite has been true so far. I haven't binged, which is the most important thing to me, but there are times where I eat too much for reasons other than hunger (usually on the weekends). My weight hasn't gone up, so I'm glad about that, but I would definitely like to see it go down ;)

I always love reading your Motivational Monday stories, because they are so inspiring! Here are this week's submissions:

Marcie made a goal for 2014 to run walk/run one mile per day, every day. She also wanted to do a 5K race every month. She started with my Virtual 5K in January, and her time was nearly 60 minutes. She recently ran her first 10K, and her time was 1:18, despite the pouring rain! She's also dropped 30 pounds since she started training. Her husband, who ran with her, just completed his first half-marathon, too!

Carly has been working on weight loss and running, and has had some very successful milestones. But now, thanks to her new healthy lifestyle, she is in a position to teach kids about health and fitness! She recently took over the Physical Education position at her elementary school, so she gets to teach fitness all day long. A couple of years ago, she never would have imagined that she'd be a PE teacher, but she passed her certification and LOVES her new job!

Jen finished the Bellingham Bay half-marathon in Washington over the weekend, beating her goal time by 14 minutes! It was her second half-marathon, but the first one that she did by herself. She set a goal time of 3:00, and finished in 2:46!

Rachel just celebrated her six-month anniversary of when she started working on getting healthy and fit! One of her dreams has always been to be a runner, and when she started her journey six months ago, she signed up for a 5K each month--walking at first, then adding a little running, and working to be able to run the whole race by the sixth month. She chose The Color Run as her goal race, and somehow wound up with three 5Ks and a 10K on the books in September--and is proud to report that she was able to run ALL of them! Yesterday was her goal race, and she said it was an awesome way to end the month. She's also down 62 pounds!

Christy recently completed her third half-marathon: the US Air Force Half Marathon in celebration of the US Air Force's birthday! She finished in 2:41:48. Training was going great, and she had a fantastic 10-mile run in June, but her family got orders to move, her kids got sick, her husband had to travel for work, and fitting in the training runs was difficult. But she stuck with it, and proudly crossed the finish line!

Thomas ran the Corvallis Fall Festival 5K just a week before the Portland Marathon (which he is also doing) and got a shiny new PR! He ran the course in 20:38 (a 6:35/mile pace... I know!!). He's been training hard all summer for the Portland Marathon, so I'm sure I'll be updating with his sub-3:30 PR next Monday ;) (Thomas's blog)

Jessica ran/walked a 5K over the weekend! This is very significant for her, because if you may remember, I wrote about Jessica last month for Motivational Monday. She was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer, and underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to fight the cancer, and was just getting back to running in August. She had actually been registered for the Montreal half-marathon since before her diagnosis, but her doctor recommended that she change over to the 5K because of everything her body had been through. She had a seizure three days before the race, and then the day before the race, she started chemo, but her doctor said if she took it very easy, she had the okay to do the 5K. She, along with her two future brothers-in-law, completed the race is 47:28!

Ashley has been running off and on for about two years, as a way to keep off the 30 pounds that she'd lost. Over the past year, she's been backpacking through Central America, so she hasn't done much running. Once back in the states, she decided to get back into shape, and she registered for a 5K--her first race ever. She was discouraged during training, because she used to run sub-9 miles, and was now struggling to run sub-10 miles, but she kept at it. The race was called the Red Hare Chase 5K, and her only goal was to run it under 30 minutes. She was thrilled and surprised when she crossed the finish line in 28:15! She even earned third place in her age group :)

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  1. First time I've seen Motivational Monday. I won't every miss it again. It's nice to see others that struggle with the little things like I do but keep on going. Gives me a jolt of motivation to start my week!

  2. I love the idea of Motivational Monday. For me, Monday can be a downer after the weekend, but I have to agree with Kathee about how motivational your posts are. Thanks!



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