July 28, 2014

Motivational Monday #71

Happy Motivational Monday! I can't believe it's almost August already. This summer is just flying by! I did really well with tracking my food this week. There were a few days that I didn't track, because of Eli's surgery, but I wasn't pigging out, either. I'm really happy with how the week went as far as my food.

I think what I am actually most proud of this week, though, is recognizing that the MAF heart rate training just wasn't the right fit for me, and choosing not to continue with it. I ran three miles this morning at a 9:03/mi pace, which gave me an average heart rate of 167 (my MAF range was 138-148). It felt really good to push myself, and feel out of breath when I was done. My knee feels totally fine, so I'm glad that it doesn't seem to be injured from the 12-mile MAF run on Friday night. Anyway, the whole point of all this is that I am happy with my decision to stop the MAF training, and I think it was best for me.

What have you all done this week to make you feel proud?

Alicia is VERY excited to have reached a huge milestone this week--she reached her Weight Watchers goal weight!! She struggled with her weight her entire life, and even joined WW at age 15. She rejoined several times through the years, but never saw it through to reach her goal weight. She rejoined last July for the final time, and has lost 60 pounds since. She also started to run, and her first 5K was my Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K in January. Sadly, Alicia recently lost a dear friend, Joy, to ALS. And now she runs for Joy, because Joy spent three years in a wheelchair, and couldn't do all of the amazing things that Alicia's body was capable of doing. When all she wanted to do was eat to numb the pain, she ran for Joy instead :)

This weekend, Sam ran her first half-marathon! She has lost 80 pounds, and says that this race was the hardest and most rewarding thing she's ever done. The best part of the race was seeing her mom's face as she crossed the finish line. Her mom told her how proud she was, and said that she was feeling inspired to sign up for a 5K so she could earn a cool medal, too ;)

Pam (center) just completed her first triathlon! She and her friends embarked on a race that consisted of a 200-yard swim, 12-mile bike ride, and 2-mile run. Pam has run 2 marathons, 11 half-marathons, and dozens of shorter races, but she said the swim was the most challenging for her. She's proud she didn't drown! ;) (Pam's race report)

Hilary (my "Sole Mate" from my Ragnar SoCal team) just completed her first triathlon! She did a 900-yard swim, 15-mile bike ride, and a 5K run (which included 468 feet of elevation gain!). It turned out to be tougher than anticipated, because she had some hydration issues. She was least looking-forward to the bike, but it turned out to be her strongest sport during the race. She is very proud of herself for finishing, and is already planning another triathlon this year! (Hilary's blog)

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  1. Congratulations to you Katie and to all you other fantastic ladies! Good job!

  2. Holy heck, why did I never realize there were triathlons that aren't Iron Man or half Iron Man?! I really want to do one now!

  3. AnonymousJuly 29, 2014

    I ran my fastest half-marathon - I am STILL super high on that one!

    I know at times when I've run much slower than my regular pace my knees feel ache-y - I think it's easy to slog/pound at a slower pace, as you aren't focusing on turnover. I've curious about MAF but reading there is no strength training is an immediate put-off. I HAVE to strength train to run or it's injury city.

    I love your motivational posts! (And yes, new commenter after lurker furrrever...)

  4. These Motivational Mondays are just that! Thanks for doing these! I hope I can submit mine one day (I'm 70 pounds down and just starting to run for recreation, something I've never done in my life because I was always of the "I'm not a runner" mindset).


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