June 25, 2014

Eli's big chance

I'm really liking not having an actual running schedule! Yesterday wasn't a convenient day for me to run, so I just didn't. I've always had Wednesdays as my rest days, but today I had a great opportunity to run, so I did.

My kids have football camp this week--yesterday, today, and tomorrow, just for a couple of hours in the morning. So this morning, I dressed in my running clothes and then drove them to the football field. Once I signed them in, I just ran from there.

I've run around there before, so I knew that going around the block was exactly four miles. I planned to go at a nice easy pace, and try not to overheat ;)  The heat actually wasn't all that bad today. It was really humid, but mostly cloudy. The first mile went by really quickly, and I hoped the whole run would feel like that.

Almost as soon as I hit that first mile though, I was overwhelmed with fatigue. My body just didn't want to move, and I was really tempted to walk. But I was running into the wind, and I could see the corner ahead where I'd turn, so I just kept trying to talk myself into continuing to run. Once I turned, I saw that my pace was at 10:03/mile for that lap, so I decided to see if I could pick it up just enough to get it under 10:00.

Having something to focus on (first turning the corner, and then dropping the pace) made the time go by a little faster, and I started to feel a little better for the third mile. There were no shortcuts back to my car, so I just kept running, and tried to keep my pace under 10:00 for the rest of the way. That last mile felt like forever, but I finally got back to my car. Because of the humidity, I was drenched with sweat, but happy that I stuck it out!

Tomorrow I'm going to run with my brother, Nathan. We're only going to do three miles, so rather than drive to the State Park, he's just going to come to my house and we'll run from here. Hopefully the fish flies don't bother us!

On Saturday, I have plans to run with that loud redhead, Stephanie ;) I haven't seen her since I went to cheer her on at her first marathon, so I'm really excited to catch up! Having company on runs makes them so much more enjoyable, too. We're going to do eight miles.

The kids played their fifth baseball game tonight. I was so happy for Eli, because he finally got a chance to pitch! Last year, the kids were in "transition" ball (a.k.a. "coach pitch"). This year, the kids pitch, and it's kind of a mess. Eli is only 8 years old, and the age for this league is 9-10; but he's always been really good, so they allowed him to play.

Eli really wants to pitch, and he's been practicing a lot, but the coach has never put him in as pitcher. The kids' team has lost all but one game, and the team they played today crushed them 14-1 the first time they played. I was worried today would be a repeat of that game.

Anyway, when we got there, Jerry started playing catch with Eli, basically letting Eli pitch so the coach would take notice that he was pretty good. I mentioned to the coach that Eli was really hoping to pitch. In the bottom of the third inning (they only play six total), the pitcher for our team was walking a lot of people, and with two outs, the coach put in Eli to pitch.

I like this picture, because Eli is pitching and Noah is in the background,
playing third base

I was SO nervous for him, because this was his big chance to prove himself! Two outs, bases loaded, down by three runs, and Eli steps up to the mound ;)  Eli threw one right down the center of the plate, and the kid hit it--right to Eli. Eli grabbed it and threw him out at first. I was SO relieved (for Eli) that the inning ended well.

The coach let him pitch the rest of the game, and he did awesome! He struck out three people, and only let one walk (at this age, there are a LOT of walks, because the kids are still learning to throw strikes). In the last inning, the score was tied 4-4, and due to an error by the first baseman, the other team scored and won. But it was a GREAT game, and at least they didn't lose by 13 runs, like last time! ;)


  1. sounds like the whole family had a good day !

  2. Awesome Job Eli!!!! I see a future Tiger in the making!

  3. Go, Eli! That's so adorable--he must have been so proud of himself!

  4. Wow, he looks so grown-up! Very exciting--great job, Eli!

  5. OMG go Eli!!!! I love that photo! That's fantastic. I see him being a famous pitcher in the future! :)

  6. Awwww Good job, Eli! I love the pic of him pitching and Noah in the background. So cute!

  7. I love when you post about how you fit your workouts into your busy schedule. Reminds me that we "always" have time if we are creative.

  8. Way to go, Eli! And what a great action shot photo! :)

  9. Great job Eli. Looks like he has really good form based on the picture. Glad he got his chance and made the most of it! :)

  10. Go Eli! What a great pitching performance! Way to go, dude! (And great run to you as well, Katie!!!)

  11. Pitching at 8? And pitching well?? That's awesome!! Great job, Eli!!

    And great job getting your run in. Wait until Saturday...you're really going to enjoy those 11-minute miles. ;)


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