June 10, 2013

Motivational Monday #19

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! My Weight Watchers week starts on Wednesdays, and I was doing SO well all week long... and then today I went into the negative with my weekly PointsPlus. The good news is that it wasn't because I was snacking out of boredom, or binge eating, or anything like that. Jerry was off work, and  it was the kids' first day off of school for the summer, so we had a special day with them.

We ended up getting frozen yogurt (with lots of toppings) in the afternoon, and then we went to Red Robin for dinner. I got the "Onion Onion Burger", and when we left, I looked up the PointsPlus in it--that burger with the fries was 37 PP!! I was guessing around 25; 30 at the most. But I actually didn't stuff myself, and I really enjoyed it, so I don't feel bad about it.

I'm disappointed that there is no way I'll end this week without being in the negative, but I'll just try again next week (thanks to all the motivation in today's post!)

Amanda started her weight loss journey last summer at just over 300 pounds. She is now down 30 pounds, just from the exercise (she admits her diet could use some work). She says that she's always been very intimidated by the stairmaster at the gym. The first time she tried it, last summer, she was dripping with sweat, her heart was racing, and she only lasted five minutes. This weekend, she walked to the gym with a goal in mind to complete 30 minutes... and she did it! 

Danielle ran her first 5K race! She has lost 65 pounds on Weight Watchers, and really wanted to accomplish this goal of running a 5K. She says that she was smiling the whole race, holding back tears of joy. What a great accomplishment!

You may recognize Dean from previous Motivational Mondays, when he ran his first 5K and then again when he PR'ed the 5K. Well, Dean just ran his first 10K! He's lost some weight, too (last I heard, he was down 34 pounds; but he looks like he's lost even more now). I love seeing his continual progress! 

Ivalya ran her first 10K race in 1:10:01! She was very excited because while at the race, she met Bill Rodgers and Katherine Switzer (in the photo below with her). I would have been excited about that too! ;)

Jackie completed the Couch to 5K recently, and just ran her first 5K race! She did The Color Run with her husband (his second 5K). They have each lost 25 pounds, and up next, they'll be running a 4-Mile race in July. 

Jen has lost 31 pounds, and decided to step up the exercise this week. She went for a walk, and then ran across the intersections, which was the first time she's run outside since 2001 when she had to run laps in gym class. (She mentioned that she was sending me this picture while she was locked out of her house; when she got home from her walk, she realized she didn't have her keys to get back in!)

I didn't want to edit any of Joanne's e-mail, so here it is with all the details:

"I did a 5k on Saturday. While not my first, it was the hardest I've done due to my back. I have spinal stenosis and have been experiencing a lot of pain in my butt and down my legs. My doctor put me on a muscle relaxant a week ago so this was the first race I've done under the "influence".

I have never run an entire 5k in a timed race and still haven't but I was able to lightly jog to the turn around point. The turn around was at the bottom of a half mile hill. I stopped for water and decided I didn't have enough steam to run up the hill so I started walking. The further I walked the more stooped over I got until I was almost bent completely over at the waist.  I felt like stopping a couple times but I kept going fearing I would have serious leg and butt cramps if I stopped even for a few seconds.

I finally got to the to of the hill and was able to get myself upright again and continued to walk the course. I had a much shorter hill to walk up to the finish line.  By the time I got up the hill I was stooped over again. I used a mailbox to pull myself up but I still had 50 yards or so to go. I finished those 50 yards stooped over but walking as fast as I could. I crossed the finish line completely bent over at the waist. My time was 56:37 and I was dead last but I finished.  My best time isn't much faster and I've been last in all but one race i've done but I'm always proud of myself for getting out and doing the race.

During the race I was thinking my core muscles were gone since I haven't been able to workout but I really think it was the muscle relaxant. As I was walking back to my car, the Sheriff Deputy that escorted me in pulled up beside me as he was leaving. He congratulated me and gave me a high five.  Oh, and I now hold the course record for being the slowest runner sine this was the first The Annual Flying 5k in Ravenna, OH!

I love your posts. You are proof that we can loose weight without surgery. I'm 52 and have lost 125 pounds since May of 2011.  I still have 75 pounds to go to get to my goal weight and I know I can do it even with my back problems."

Kayse completed her second triathlon, and said it was, by far, the hardest she's ever pushed her body. It was very hot and hilly, but she finished in 1:40, and had the time of her life! She' currently training for her second half-marathon, but says that she is now hooked on triathlons.

Samantha ran her first race--a 10K! It was a charity for cancers below the waist. I had to laugh when I read her e-mail, because she explained, "This was the final hill, so I didn't look as happy. But all the other pictures have people in their underwear, so I didn't know if that was appropriate." Hahaha! Sounds like a very fun race. She finished in 1:17:27. She's also lost quite a bit of weight, going from 245 to 218!

Sarah (on right in picture) completed her first 5K on Saturday! She had sent me an e-mail on Friday, asking for some encouragement because she was REALLY worried about the race, and even having second thoughts about doing it. I (hoped that I) reassured her, and told her to make sure she sends me a photo when she's done with the race. She did great!! She said that she is glad it wasn't a timed race, because that took the pressure off.

Don't forget to check out the Facebook post for some more motivation!


  1. OW OW DANI!!!!!!! So proud of you girlfriend, you ROCKED Run for Ohm!!!!!

  2. AnonymousJune 11, 2013

    So proud of everyone! It seems like last week was a BIG week of kicking butt and reaching goals! I also loved being on Motivational Monday a couple of weeks ago and hope to re-appear WHEN (not if) I reach my goal weight. I also LOVE the pink tutu!

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2013

    I loved reading everybody's accomplishments! And thanks for featuring me in MM! Keep up the great work everyone!

  4. Ahaha YAAAAY That's me in the first Facebook comment! I wa seriously so inspired by all the people at the race I went to this weekend and am determined to become one of them!

    also, I totally thought of MM last night in Zumba when I made it through a whole.song of nothing bit arms that is killer, and I did it without resting at all!

  5. I look forward to MM every week!!
    Thanks for the post!!!

  6. I just found your blog and I love it. Can't wait to read more!!

    I am fairly new to the blogging world, so if you would like to stop by mine and give me tips that would be great!! :)




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