September 22, 2012


Jerry's and my date last night was completely uneventful--no tattoo, no "going out" or anything fun like that. Jerry went to the tattoo place yesterday and paid a deposit so the guy could start drawing what Jerry wanted. The guy kept sending Jerry text messages yesterday with pictures of the drawing, and then Jerry would tell him more details to get it "just right". By the time the drawing was done, it was too late to get the tattoo, so he made an appointment to go in today at noon.

He wanted a tree of life tattoo with a balloon and a kite "stuck" in it with the boys' names and birth dates. I teased him, asking, "Well, what about your wife?!" and he said it's bad luck. I told him it would be bad luck NOT to include his wife ;)  So he decided to have a heart with my initials (from my maiden name) on the trunk of the tree:
(I told you it was huge). When I saw the picture of it after it was done, I wasn't crazy about it. But once he got home and I saw it in person, I liked it much better. He's been wanting a tattoo with the boys' names for years, and he's been talking about this specific one for a couple of years now. So I'm happy for him that he finally just did it!

While he was at the tattoo shop for 4 hours (!!) today, I went with my parents and the boys to a quarry that was doing a family day-type thing. They had lunch for everyone, a raffle, tours of the quarry, bulldozers and other equipment that the kids could play on, and they blasted out a piece of the quarry with explosives so everyone could watch. Definitely a boy-thing ;) 

As we drove there, it started sprinkling. It was really cold outside, and the rain just made it even colder. We had just arrived and were looking around when they announced they were going to do the explosion earlier than planned, because of the rain. See all the orange flags against the far wall? That's where the explosion was to happen.
Before the blast
About 2 seconds later
We waited in line for a while for lunch--I ate before I left, but I got the kids their food. Then we got in line for the bus tour, and while we were standing there, I changed my mind about going on the bus. I'm kind of claustrophobic and with the rain and slippery roads in the quarry, I just was too nervous about it. But my kids wanted to go, so they went on the bus with my parents. (Yes, I was too nervous, but I allowed my kids to go... what can I say?)

I listened for our raffle ticket numbers to be called, but we didn't win anything. Then I sat on a rock and tried to get a picture of myself with the quarry in the background. It didn't turn out so good--you can't even really see the quarry:

I was trying to do it without people noticing that I was trying to take a picture of myself. By this time, I was absolutely frozen to the bone. The kids still wanted to stay and play on the bulldozer, so we stayed for about a half hour longer, and then we head out. All I could think of was a hot shower, cozy over-sized sweatshirt, and a blanket. It was nice to have a lazy afternoon.

Today marks two weeks on Weight Watchers and two weeks without peanut butter. Both have been hard to stick to, but I've done it. Yesterday, I was excited to have a yummy dessert after my long run--but when I started thinking about what I wanted, I realized that it all involved peanut butter! I ended up getting some cookie dough ice cream, which was good, but not as good as the pb ;) I think next week, I'll do a progress report for the half-way mark of my challenge.


  1. I really like the tattoo. Good for him!

  2. I really like the tattoo idea! I'm not a fan of tattooing partners' names, but initials isn't too bad ;) My plan is to et a tattoo once I hit goal.

  3. I saw today that Trader Joe's has a recall out for Peanut Butter because of salmonella and I thought of you! So maybe it's a good thing you're taking a little break from it :)

  4. I love the tattoo!! I got my first one when I finally hit my 100lbs lost!!! It reminds me of how far I've come and that I won't ever go back!!

  5. That tattoo is awesome!

    Also? I love that you totally admit that you were trying to take a picture of yourself with no one's what everyone does but no one admits to - I love it! :)

  6. Annnd now my arm hurts.

    Great job on the PB challenge! Hang in there!

  7. That tattoo is big. You didn't want to sit there and hold his hand through it all?

  8. LOVE the tattoo, and I'm not a tattoo fan. Especially the heart on the trunk--so sweet! What a great guy you found!
    You're doing so well with your PB challenge, I should try something like that, only with me it would have to include ALL snacking or something. QUIT EATING BETWEEN MEALS! Plus I keep buying that sugarless candy, but it still has about 40-50 calories per piece. They always say, "This is not a low calorie product" on the box or bag. Kinda like your walnuts that you made for your dad!

  9. That tattoo is gorgeous! I love the way he incorporated everyone's name.

  10. Love tattoos! I'm proud of you for keeping to your goal! I have a problem with certain foods and know that if I tell myself I can't have them...I will totally have them.
    I have been just plain old counting calories and have finally gone broken into the next set of numbers on the scale (I'm being cryptic because I don't want to blurt out my weight) I was so excited when I saw that lower number this really helped me to see that not eating everything and working out is actually starting to work!

  11. Nice tatt! and I totally turn my phone on silent when taking pics of myself and try to do it real fast so no one hears or sees me. hahaha

  12. Wow, I love his tattoo! My husband and I both have tattoo's and I showed him the picture of Jerry's tattoo and we both think it was really well done! The tree looks amazing and I LOVE the way he incorporated all of you guys in it! I think the idea of the balloon and the kite was an awesome idea! Your family is awesome!


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