January 8, 2012

An expensive trip to Sam's Club

Yesterday was a fun day spent with Noah. Eli spent the night at my parents' house (it was his birthday) and he had a friend stay there with him. So I had some time alone with Noah, and we ended up playing the Wii Fit Plus. I hadn't played in a LONG time (when I weighed in, it said I am no longer "overweight" but "normal" now--so it's been very long!)  I forgot how much fun it is. I love doing the obstacle course, despite the frustration sometimes.  I gave Noah the camera to take a few pics for the blog, but instead of taking pictures of ME, he took pics of my character on the TV :)

I was getting frustrated that I couldn't beat my previous scores--and I was actually sweating from doing this game. Chandler was exhausted just watching us:

There was an important football game on last night, so Jerry asked Noah if he wanted to watch it with him. Noah was excited about it, and I took him to Kroger to pick out a snack for them to eat during the game. He picked Pringles--pizza flavored ones (yuck).

I was doing so well at not eating nut butter or Cookie Butter out of the jar this week--until yesterday. Ugh, I probably had 5 spoonfuls of Cookie Butter. Good news is it's almost gone. Bad news is, it's probably sitting on my hips right now.  I also had too much wine last night. I was browsing Pinterest and Jerry must have refilled my glass a couple of times ;)   I'm attempting to do doing a no-added-sugar day today, to hopefully detox from all the sugar in the Cookie Butter yesterday.

I made a trip to Sam's Club this morning while the kids were at church. I love Sam's Club, I really do, but I can never leave there without spending a couple hundred dollars. We don't go very often (for that reason). I like to buy certain things there that are much cheaper to buy them in bulk: meat, frozen fruit/veggies, oats, batteries, etc. Today, I spent $187... nearly our entire grocery budget for the next two weeks. Yikes!
I'm still on a salad kick, so I decided to get some Spring Mix instead of using the Romaine I've been using. I've also been eating chicken lately (in the salad) which is totally unlike me. I used to hate chicken! I just think it's so gross. But after surgery, I was trying to get protein wherever I could, and maybe I just learned to like it? Maybe it's just a phase. Whatever--I bought five pounds of 5 oz. chicken breasts. And Havarti cheese <3

My kids are going to be thrilled when they see the American cheese and Slim Jims (things they love but I never buy). And Jerry will be thrilled that I bought coffee. I was kind of hoping that he'd quit drinking it along with me, and save us a small fortune--but he loves his coffee, so it's fine ;)

Maybe it's the super nice weather we've been having lately, but I am in a "Spring cleaning" kind of mood. I want to go through closets and drawers and just pitch all kinds of stuff. Hopefully even sell a few things on E-bay. We don't have a lot of any storage space. We don't have an attic, or a garage, or a basement. So everything we own is either out in the open or packed into closets and drawers. My mom is going to have a garage sale in the Spring, so I think I'll just pack stuff up and store it in her attic until we can sell it at the garage sale. There is something so satisfying about clearing out clutter!


  1. I need to clean things out, but honestly I get so overwhelmed.

    I don't know if you have a Target near you, but I buy most of my groceries there. If you have a manufacture coupon and a Target one, you can stack them for the same one item. This morning I got hand cream for $.54 each, normally $3.99.

  2. We really have to start "Spring cleaning" soon to, Our wedding is coming up in June and we are going to be having a lot of my fiance family stay with us, and we want to be sure the place is Clean as a whistles for his family lol Not looking forward to it we have a lot to do!

    Whenever we go to Costco we spend so much money there too usually our hole grocery budget!

  3. We just cleaned out our closet and our hallway closet and threw away 2 bags of trash and sent 3 bags to goodwill. It feels great to get rid of all the unneeded stuff in our house!

  4. Those ciders look good!! I wish I wasn't a single person so I could justify going there! :)

  5. Lisa TippieJanuary 08, 2012

    Katie, I just love reading your posts. I've been inspired by you for quite some time. I think your posts are interesting and very funny. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog!

  6. When we lived in NC we didn't have a basement or attic and I think it was great because we accumulated less junk. :) Now I clean our basement out regularly and no matter what I do it fills back up.

  7. I was actually wondering if I should get a Sam's Club membership the way we eat at my house!

  8. I do a trip to Costco every two weeks for groceries. They have amazing Organic chicken stock really cheap, their fruits and vegetables are much cheaper than the regular grocery, I just love it. Problem is I drive over an hour to get there. The plus side to that is that I get to swing by Trader Joes (if I have any grocery cash left).

  9. I used to work at Sam's in the 90's (UGH!). That's the worst! Seeing things as they're being packed out... I don't have a membership to any warehouse clubs. I would do too much compulsive buying, like when I'm at Target! Pick up milk and a cheap tv... I love that Target has coupons on their website to combine with manufacturer's coupons (like another reader commented previously).

    Looks like Chandler needs to hop on the Wii Fit! I have a ridiculous amount of cleaning to do since Christmas is finally over here and I can put everything away, including all of the crap that accumulates on the counter from all of the baking marathons. I, unfortunately, have an attic, a basement and a garage and there's WAY too much stuff around. My recyclables and donations pile up in the basement and the garage is full of garage sale stuff (shocking!). The only time there's ever been a car in there was when we first moved in and Charlie's old Charger died. It was kind of a coffin, I guess.

  10. You should send that spring cleaning bug to me! I went to Sam's yesterday, too, and of course I way overspent. It's ridiculous how much it adds up, but then I just keep trying to remind myself that the things I buy will last quite awhile.

  11. I just spent $187 at Target this weekend. And you can't get anything there in bulk, even. We just needed groceries THAT badly. That's about 3 weeks worth of my grocery budget. Healthy food is expensive. But I make the BF eat ramen, so it balances out ;)

  12. I work at Costco now,, since 2008, I buy so much there! Its just me & my husband, but we buy just the necessities there that wont spoil! Frozen foods, TP, paper towels, Detergents, etc... We goto grocery stores for the other little day-to-day fresh foods & such! But I LOVE Costco more than Sam's club. Growing up my parents always had Sams membership & they still do... So when Im out with them from time-to-time I compare the competitor... & it seems Costco has the best buys! (not promoting my place of employment in any way..lol) --just my random tidbit

    Spring cleaning- definitely need to get on that! We live in a 1 bedroom apt. now & We have accumulated soo much stuff that we do not even need! Is anyone else still trying to find a place for those random Xmas presents they've received? :)


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