October 17, 2011

The Wedding

Sorry I'm so late writing this. I've been so screwed up from the time change! Yesterday went by way too fast--we got to the airport at 8:30 AM in Phoenix, and we got home from Detroit airport at 7:30 PM. So our entire day was just gone!

But I'll back up. Saturday was the wedding. I tried on the dress as soon as I woke up, and thanked God that I could actually still zip it. Jerry and I went to breakfast at this super cute little restaurant with our friend Lance and his girlfriend. The restaurant was outside at a farm, and everything was super fresh. I took one pic of the restaurant, but it's not very good:

All of the bridesmaids had hair appointments at 11:30 at a fancy schmancy salon. Instead of buying us a bridal party gift, Sarah paid for us to get our hair and make-up done! They gave us mimosas while they prettied us up. I started with my make-up. She airbrushed foundation on my face, which was kind of cool. I asked her to do whatever was best to cover the jawline acne I've acquired over the past year. I loved how my make-up turned out.

My hair was next. There was the "Senior Stylist" and the assistant of the senior stylist. I never knew that stylists had assistants! The assistant brought me drinks and gave me hand massages and all that good stuff along with handing things to the stylist while she did my hair. I had no clue how I wanted it styled, and she described something that sounded nice, so I told her that was fine. I really like how it turned out, but it was hard to get a good picture of it!
This is a dark pic at the reception, but I'll post better ones once Sarah gets them

After everyone got their hair and make-up done, the bridesmaids all left with Sarah's mom (except me--I went with Sarah). Sarah wanted me to drive her to her house to get her overnight bags and stuff, and then we'd drive her Mustang to the wedding site. The drive was gorgeous once we left downtown Phoenix:
This mountain was gorgeous, and then Sarah told me that that is where the wedding site/reception would be!

Once we got to the site, we changed into our dresses and waited for guests to arrive. The wedding was supposed to start at 4:30, but people were still showing up, so we didn't end up walking down the aisle until 5:00. Jerry had my camera, and took a lot of photos, but they didn't turn out well. Here are a couple:
The only pic he got of me walking down the aisle

All of us bridesmaids

Saying their vows
I wasn't feeling emotional at all until I saw Sarah's mom crying, and Sarah cried a few times, and her new husband even cried! I was holding Ne's ring (Ne (pronounced 'Nay') is Sarah's new husband). My only job during the ceremony was to hold her flowers and hand her the ring. I did my job, and I didn't drop anything.

It was over 100 degrees outside, though, and I could actually feel the sweat drip down my arm and drop from my elbow. How lady-like ;) 

Turns out Sarah forgot the marriage license at her house (an hour and a half away!) so the two weren't "legally" married all night. I never got to sign the license as her witness because I had to leave in the morning :(  I guess the minister went to her house in the morning to get all the signatures. Sarah did NOT, however, forget her $31 panties ;)  By the way, I LOVED your comments about those. I read them to Sarah, and she thought it was funny too.

The reception was immediately after the ceremony, and while the bridal party took pictures, there were Mexican dancers that entertained the guests. It was kind of interesting! I tried to get a pic, but it was dark and they were moving way to fast...
The bar was open and there were chips and AMAZING salsa for everyone to munch on while they waited for Sarah and Ne to finish up pictures.  I had a beer and some chips and salsa, and talked to Lance for a little bit. We took a photo that has become a tradition at weddings since we were two years old!
1984 vs. 2003 (at my wedding)
vs. 2011, at Sarah's wedding
I have a few more, but I don't feel like looking for them right now. My mom took a pic of Jerry and me:

 Then the reception was right there on site. There were candles and little lights all over, and it was gorgeous! My pictures don't do it justice:
Head table

We ate right away. Since Ne is Mexican (and his family doesn't speak English) the DJ said everything twice--once in English and once in Spanish. The whole wedding was VERY bi-cultural (is that even a word?!) Traditional American wedding for Sarah's side, but with lots of Mexican flare thrown in. They had American foods like roast beef, mashed potatoes, and green beans, along with Mexican food like fajitas and refried beans.

Thankfully, Sarah told me that I didn't have to do a toast if I didn't want to--and of course I decided not to (although I should have... she did one for my wedding!) After the toast (which the best man did in English and Spanish), there was lots of dancing. The DJ mixed American music with Mexican music, and the Mexican music proved to be the most popular, among EVERYONE. They did the "dollar dance", so the best man and I stood up there and collected cash for everyone to dance with Sarah and Ne. I wished I could've taken pictures, because Jerry went up and paid to slow dance with Ne ;)
The first dance

Me, dancing with Ne

Ne's family was VERY fun

Me, Sarah, and my friend Lance (we all grew up together)

I danced a little, but mostly chatted. I had a few glasses of wine, but I had waaay too much the night before to want to drink much. At around 11, I started loading up Sarah's car with her stuff so that she wouldn't have to stay after the reception. Jerry and I rode back to the hotel with Sarah and Ne in her car. We were all SO TIRED. I fell asleep numerous times while sitting in the back seat. I gave them hugs good-bye, since Jerry and I had to leave for the airport in the morning.

Again, I got zero sleep. I was SO TIRED the next morning. We went to the airport and had breakfast, and then had no problems boarding or taking off on the plane (thankfully! I don't think I could've handled a repeat of Wednesday's flight). We arrived in Detroit and I had to get a cinnamon roll for my kids. Weird, right? Every time I talked to the kids while we were gone, Eli kept telling me that he wanted me to bring him home  a cinnamon roll. So I made it a mission to do that.

When we picked him up on the way home from the airport, he was SO MAD when he saw it. I had no idea what was wrong! Then, after about 10 minutes of questioning him, I discovered that he wanted a SOUVENIR, not a CINNAMON ROLL. He kept saying 'cinnamon roll', thinking that he was asking for a toy. Poor kid!! It was so cute!

The kids had a blast with my sister, of course. Last night when I tucked them into bed, Noah told me, "Mama, you know what my favorite part of the week was? Spending the night at Dylan's!" and I asked Eli, "Eli, what was YOUR favorite part of the week?" and you know what he said? In the sweetest voice, he sighed a little and said, "Coming home."  My heart melted.

Okay, this is way off-topic, but I got a phone call today from the plastic surgeon's secretary, and the date of November 14th has been confirmed!! My surgery is scheduled for 6:30 in the morning that Monday. I'm so excited :)


  1. I was going through withdrawal Katie! So glad you had a great time and you looked fantastic- dress, hair and make-up were perfect! I finally figured out the actress you remind me of- Tina Majorino. She started out as a child actress in 'Andre' and she was recently in 'Big Love' on HBO. She was also in 'Napolean Dynamite.' You might not agree with me. My kids HATE it when I say people we know look like other people- they rarely agree with me. I think they can't stand it when I'm RIGHT!

    My husband bawled at our wedding, straight through our vows. He was adorable. He cried when Charlie was born and our first night in our house. Another reason why I love him.

    Where were the bride and groom going on their honeymoon? Love those kind of details!

  2. Love the cinnamon bun story! LOL.

    You looked beautiful! :)

  3. P.S. You can get frickin' Tina marjarino wallpaper on here!!! Why?!?

  4. Loved the pictures! You looked beautiful - great picture of you and Jerry. That location looked fantastic.
    Very cute story about the cinnamon roll - poor kid:)
    Welcome back to the north.
    Sorry about your Tigers - we're sad here about our Brewers:(

  5. That story about your son is adorable!

    It sounds like the wedding was really awesome, and I love all the Mexican traditions in there as well. I grew up in south Texas so a good half the weddings (and other events) I've been to have had Mexican flare. :)

  6. Loved rading the details about the wedding - so fun! You look gorgeous and tiny!

    Poor kiddo and the cinnamon roll. Every day I ask my kids what the best part of their day was because otherwise I just get "fine" as a response. Anyways, my son had a hard year at school a few years back and every single day for a year he said the best part of his day was when I picked him up from school.

  7. OMG THIS IS SUCH A GREAT POST! I've been so excited to get an update! Cinnamon Roll, aww!! I can't wait to tell my husband that one! You are so beautiful, for real that dress is spectacular on you! The bride did a great job picking such a great color! The wedding seemed to be so breathtaking, I kinda want a do over for my wedding..is that bad, lol?!? She was a beautiful bride, many congratulations to them! I'm so glad you are back!

  8. LoveAnAnimalOctober 18, 2011

    Glad you had a good flight home! And what a beautiful location for Sarah & Ne's wedding!!! I hope Sarah is fluent in Spanish if only so she can understand what Ne is saying if he switches to Spanish during their marital disputes. And we all know a dispute or two will happen over the lifetime of a marriage...unless she flashes her sparkly panties as a peace treaty. Wink, wink

    Your dress looked as if it was tailored just for you and was a perfect fit. Very pretty! And great pic of you and Jerry in your fancy clothes!

    Your hair and makeup were suburb! Isn't it great to be pampered?!!! I would love to be in a salon getting pampered at least once a week, but I have champagne taste on a beer budget.

    I think it is very creative & really neat of you and Lance creating a photo tradition of a peck on the cheek.

    Sweet, sweet, sweet Eli! He was so happy to be home. Eli might need a t-shirt that reads, "My mom went to Phoenix and all I got was a lousy cinnamon roll instead of a toy!" LOL! Eli already has a lot of insight at such a young age. He knows there is nothing like being home. Home Sweet Home. Welcome back home Katie.

  9. I LOVE the cinnamon roll story. I don't have kids myself, but my sister is a kindergarden teacher. She always has great stories from what the kids in her class say. My favorite was a few weeks ago when one of the kids told her "Miss Ivy, your butt jiggles when you walk". She is 6'1" and 165#. If they think THAT is a jiggle they'd die to see me walk through the room. HAHA!
    I sent her the link to this post so she can read your story and have a good laugh.

    Glad you had a good trip and got through the flight!

  10. Gorgeous dress and flowers! And most of all, gorgeous you! :)

  11. You look GORGEOUS!!! I just love weddings and can't wait to go to my step-sister's next July, hopefully I can lose a ton of weight by then! I really love how your make-up and hair look and that color dress looks great on you!!

    Also YAY on the confirmed date of Nov 14th!!!! I'll be saying a prayer for you and thinking about you the whole day!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and hopefully you'll feel comfortable sharing some before/after pics!! :)

  12. Looks like a great time was had by all....you looked great...if it was 100 I would have had the BIGGEST pit stains all over that dress with that color...you did great with just a little down your elbow. ha!

    (By the way you looked the best in the photos with Jerry...hmmm? Guess he brings out the best in ya!)

  13. The wedding looked beautiful and YOU looked AMAZING!

  14. What Eli said made me cry :) You have great kids.

  15. Wow, I don't know where to start! First of all you look gorgeous! Your dress, hair, and makeup all look amazing! The wedding looked beautiful and the reception looked like so much fun! I loved the pictures of you and Jerry and I also loved the pictures of you and your friend Lance......they made me crack up! I'm glad you had fun and got to get pampered! Your boys sound so sweet and I'm glad they had fun while you were gone! Congrats on the surgery! I'm so excited for you!

  16. The wedding looked beautiful! Glad to hear you made it home without any glitches. BTW that shade of pink reeeeally suits your complexion. You looked amazing!

  17. You look s so pretty, I love that pink on you!!! The wedding also looked beautiful!!!!

  18. You look freakin' gorgeous! To reiterate everyone's comments, great colour on you.

    I love weddings! It looks like it was a fantastic one, congrats to Sarah & Ne :)

  19. So much to comment on in this post! You looked so beautiful at the wedding! Really...beautiful! Looks like everyone had so much fun. Noah's cinnamon roll request was so cute! Made me laugh. And Eli's comment about coming home made me cry! =) Love those moments when are kids say the sweetest things! Glad your flight home was uneventful!! And SO EXCITED for you about Nov 14th!! Woo hoo!

  20. You look VERY pretty in the wedding pix!! Looks like a great wedding. And how EXCITING about the surgery!!! Can't wait to hear (and see) how it went!!! It's so weird how you can feel like you know someone just by a blog! I'm as excited for you as I would be for a close friend/family member!!

  21. LMAO at the cinnamon roll! How do you confuse a souvenir with a cinnamon roll?! LOL!

    I'm glad you had a good time at the wedding. You look fantastic!


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