October 1, 2011

A relaxing Saturday... to the 10th power

My main goal for today was to do absolutely nothing. I've been feeling crappy lately (mood-wise, not health-wise) and I just wanted a day to have nothing planned. We had no plans of going anywhere, so I took a couple of Xanax (I couldn't sleep much last night because I was so anxious--about nothing, as usual). After playing what felt like a hundred games of Go Fish with Eli all morning, I actually felt like doing some housework.

I tackled a big task--cleaning my pantry. I have a really big pantry--it's 12 feet by 4-1/2 feet. When we chose the layout of our house, there was a room between the kitchen and the master bedroom called a "sunroom". I thought that was really stupid--what the heck does one do with a sunroom?! So I had them split it down the middle, and half became a pantry, and the other half became a walk-in closet for the master bedroom.

Lately, we've been throwing all kinds of stuff in there--the vacuum cleaners (why we have two, I don't know), broom, mop, recycling bin, etc. And Paolo has been sleeping in there. So today, with Eminem for company, I cleared it all out, swept and mopped the floor, and kept most everything off the floor. Now it looks like this:

I know it's not entirely organized, but it looks MUCH better than it did before--and of course I didn't think to take a before picture.

While I was doing all this, I decided to have a glass (or two) of Chardonnay, which just made the task more fun. ;)  I also may or may not have made a batch of chocolate peanut butter cookies... that look like THIS:

That may or may not be a layer of peanut butter filling inside of a chocolate/peanut butter cookie. And that plate may or may not hold what is left of a batch of 20 or so cookies. For the record, I chose to count said cookies as my dinner--not that it minimizes the damage. My kids may have eaten some too!

It would be really wrong to post this hypothetical recipe on my "healthy" recipes blog, so I won't. But if you really want to clog your arteries, I can e-mail it to you.

While I was cleaning out the pantry, I came across this soup that has been there for nearly a year:

Now, I won't mention any brands (ahem, Healthy Choice)... but THAT SOUP is the reason I refuse to eat canned soup anymore. When I broke my jaw last November, a church was super nice to give us a bunch of food (since Jerry took a few weeks off work to care for me, and money was tight). There were two containers of this soup. When I ate the first one, I found something that made me decide that I was never again going to eat canned soup:

Yep, that would be a piece of "chicken" in the chicken noodle soup. I'm kind of repulsed by chicken as it is, but seeing that just confirmed that it truly is disgusting.  On the rare occasion that I make chicken, I "trim" it so much that I probably waste about half of the meat--but I make sure to get rid of every speck of fat and connective tissue.

I also decided to do something about my hair today, that has been in desperate need of a haircut for, oh, eight months now. Instead of dragging my kids to a salon, I just watched some youtube videos and cut my own hair. It was much easier than I expected, and I think it looks decent--you really can't tell that I cut it, which is what I was going for. My hair is super thick, so I can't just cut straight across--I have to cut layers. I really just wanted to get rid of the split ends. I think I may go to a salon sometime before Sarah's wedding. I'd like to get a couple of pink hair extensions to match my dress ;)

I'm going to be posting my first giveaway soon (possibly tomorrow!) so make sure you check back for that.


  1. Those cookies look like awesome wrapped awesomeness with awesome coating in awesome sauce!

  2. About the cookies.....they are healthy in moderation. :) Of course I never eat mine in moderation, but still!

  3. Oh, well, it's not like you've been working your ass off (literally and figuratively) for the last, I dunno, two years or anything. So I guess you deserve a cookie (or two). Enjoy it girl!

  4. Those cookies look great....but, that chicken thing looks disgusting!! That would repulse me too.

    My Saturday involved an 8 mile run...4 of which were good and 4 really sucked...glad that's over...then we had some friends over for a bonfire. It was a perfect fall evening for one (of which I know b/c we were only going to be "out" til around 11 and didn't get to bed until 1:30AM! Yazowa!

    This old body is so conditioned to be up by 6AM that I am......so THIS Sunday should be interesting after 4 and a half hours of sleep. ;-(

  5. There should have been a disclaimer before those "chicken" pictures! I was eating at the time! GAG! LOL I, thankfully, have not had that experience with any canned goods. My husband brings lunch (and sometimes dinner, too) to work, so we stock up on canned soup (bean with bacon or macaroni and bean are his favorites), frozen dinners (I try to get H.C. or Lean Cuisine) and shelf-stable meals. He never mentioned finding any arteries. Did you write to the company? I bet you would have gotten a crapload of coupons for future purchases!

    Um, yes, please e-mail me that recipe! My "kids" love chocolate and peanut butter! Although, with that peanut shortage you mentioned, they may have to be "rationed" (ok, hidden).

  6. Ewwww on the chicken! I love chicken, too, but hate pieces like that (I have seen it in beef, too).

  7. Omg that chicken piece...lordy this post should be rated E, for Eww. :) We're haircut twins! I cut my hair yesterday too!

  8. Nice job inthe pantry!!!

    Yuck, that is why I have trouble eating meat. I now have goosebumps. :)

    Do we get to see your haircut?

    I could totally go for some cookies right now.

  9. Please email me the recipe! I am gathering ideas for the holidays.

    hoofbeats95 - yahoo.


  10. When my son was a baby, I found a worm-like bug in some canned veggies I was feeding him. That totally freaked me out!

    I have cut my own hair three times in the last year. It takes me forever because my hair is super thick. The last time I did it, it turned out a bit crooked. Oh well.


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