April 19, 2020

RECIPE: The Best Grilled Cheese EVER

This is kind of a stupid "recipe" to post, considering it's "just" a grilled cheese. But it is SOOOO delicious that I had to post it.

The keys are: cooking over medium to medium low heat using oil instead of butter (which makes the perfect toasted texture), and the combination of the rye bread with havarti cheese. Don't make substitutions on this recipe!

Here is a printer-friendly PDF!

The Best Grilled Cheese EVER


2 thin slices rye bread
1 slice Havarti cheese (if there is an option, get the "cream Havarti")
2 tsp. extra light olive oil  (the "light" just means light tasting, not light on fat or calories)


Pre-heat skillet over medium heat (don’t be impatient with this—the best way to cook a grilled cheese is “low and slow”.

Spread each slice of bread with 1 tsp of oil (alternatively, you could put half the oil in the skillet, and the other half when you flip the sandwich). I like to spread it on to make sure each slice is covered.

Set one slice of bread in skillet, oil side down, and top evenly with the cheese. Set the other slice of bread, oil side up, on top of the cheese.

Cook (low and slow; keep on medium to medium-low heat until the bottom bread is nicely brown). This takes roughly four minutes per side, if you're cooking it low enough. Flip the sandwich and toast the other side. Cut and serve. It’s delicious with tomato soup for dunking!


  1. YUM! My fav grilled cheese it to butter outside of the bread and sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese. When it's done, you have a nice "crust" on the bread! I do this with quesadillas to...can't go wrong with more cheese!

  2. this sounds delicious! I love havarti cheese and rye bread. Thanks for the idea.

  3. That sounds yummy. My new favorite way to make grilled cheese is in my air frier. I have four kids and can make four sandwiches all at the same time, and best of all, they come out all toasty and I didn't have to stand there and watch them!

  4. I make grilled cheese in my air fryer as well. Coat each outside layer of bread with mayonnaise and it will come out just right crispy.


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