October 13, 2009

The First Time I Met Dr. Oz

I'm copying this from an old diary entry, because I just realized that I didn't have the story in my Runs for Cookies blog. (I'm back-dating this). Here is the story of how I met Dr. Oz, which led to my being a guest on his show a couple of years later!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My mom told me that Dr. Oz is coming to Detroit area and she was wondering if I'd want to go see him speak about women's heart health--duh, of course! I *love* Dr. Oz! The tickets are $100 each, but my mom said she'd pay for me if I want to go. It's going to be a week from today in the afternoon. I'm really looking forward to it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm sooo super psyched right now....


I've wanted to meet him for such a long time. I know most people don't consider him a celebrity or anything, but I absolutely love his books and I love his show. I think he's fantastic!

Anyways, my mom got us tickets to see him speak (it was a fundraiser for some Jewish community thing--I'm not Jewish, but whatever!) He didn't get money for being there--the money all went to buy these high-tech ultrasound machines to look at the heart. So my mom paid $100 per ticket for the two of us to go see him speak and have lunch afterward. There were 750 people there... RICH people I might add, so I stuck out like a sore thumb. Some people paid $25,000 for ONE TICKET... that included cocktails, breakfast, and lunch with Dr. Oz. There were apparently 8 people that actually did that. Good Lord.

My mom and I got there 45 minutes early, and we got to sit in the front row, right in front of the podium where Dr. Oz would speak. We couldn't have been any closer. All the rich people apparently thought it wasn't "cool" to sit in front, lol. Dr. Oz came out and I had the perfect opportunity to go talk to him, because he was just standing around waiting for the program to start. But I'm not really confident like that, so I didn't.

Oh, and guess who else was there? Florine Mark!! Hahaha, the president and founder of Weight Watchers. She bought a ticket and was there just like me. She stood up and asked a question, too.

He came out and spoke for an hour. Then we were dismissed and went to have lunch in a banquet hall next door. (This whole thing was in this Jewish synagogue). Lunch was gross, so I didn't eat much--chicken, brown rice pilaf, salad... healthy crap.

Then I saw Dr. Oz near his table, so I decided to walk over there and try to talk to him. He was talking to someone, so I waited until he was done. Then I just stuck out my hand and said something like, "I'm so happy to meet you! I'm a big fan of yours, and I love all that you do. Thank you for being so inspiring" or some bullshit.

Then I said, "Would you mind if my mom takes a picture of us?" And he said sure, and she did! I look REALLY bad in the picture, but it's not like I could take 50 pictures and choose the best!

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