July 29, 2018

Skin Removal Surgery

After a year of maintaining 100+ pounds lost, I decided to go for a plastic surgery consult. I was interested in getting a tummy tuck; and even though I knew I couldn't afford the surgery, I figured it wouldn't hurt to see if it was covered by my medical insurance.

It turns out that I met the qualifications for my insurance: 1) Lost 100+ pounds; 2) Kept it off for at least 6 months; and 3) Have rashes caused from loose skin on my abdomen.

I was shocked when I heard part of it would be covered. Here, I have links to the posts that detail my experience start to finish. The surgery date was November 14, 2011 at 6:30 in the morning. I got a lower body lift (also called a belt lipectomy or circumferential tummy tuck). My insurance only paid for the tummy tuck part, so I had to come up with about $4,300 on my own.

**A lot of those posts contain pictures from before and after my surgery. DO NOT POST THESE TO PINTEREST or anywhere else. I will report it as copyright infringement, as I had to do in the past. Please understand that I was extremely self-conscious of my stomach and posting these photos was VERY hard for me. Seeing photos of my stretch marks on Pinterest was very embarrassing, so I hope that you will respect my wishes. Thank you!**

Here are all the posts that contain photos of my skin removal surgery
Here are all the posts that contain tips and advice for anyone interested in the surgery
Here are all the posts that contain updates on my surgery, including photos

And below are ALL of my posts regarding the surgery in chronological order:

Loose Skin After Weight Loss

A sore subject for many people who have lost a large amount of weight.

Insurance and Paper Trails

Finding out what the insurance needs in order to help cover the cost of the surgery

Tummy Tuck Consult

A thorough consult with a plastic surgeon who answered all of my questions.

Pre-Op Appointment

Going over everything with the doctor about what to expect for the upcoming surgery.

My Lower Body Lift Surgery Experience

All of the details of my experience before, during, and after the actual surgery

Day 2 Post-Op (with a photo!)

How I'm feeling on Day 2 and a comparison photo of pre- and post-op.

A Trip to the Emergency Room

Worried about a lump under the incision on my hip, I head to the emergency room.

Lower Body Lift Day 7 Update (with a new photo)

Discussing my belly button, which I was worried was off-center after surgery.

Surgical Drains and Other TMI

An explanation of my surgical drains and compression garment.

I Almost Fainted

I had no idea there was tape covering my incision; pulling it off was horrible!

It Had Me In Stitches

Reading some message boards about the surgery, and some of it was SO funny!

Thanksgiving and Jeans

A comparison of jeans; and discussing my post-op diet.

Ready to Heal Already!

Feeling depressed and annoyed and just ready to be healed!

Going Out While Wearing the Drains

My friend Renee asked me if I wanted to get out of the house, and it was an adventure.

Things I'm Looking Forward To

Whiel feeling sorry for myself, I came up with a list of things I'm looking forward to.

Seeing a Big Difference

Feeling much better after putting on a smaller compression garment.

Drains & Compression Garment

Taking a peak at what the compression garment and drains look like.

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

Feeling fantastic in a pair of goal jeans I never though I'd fit into!

First Post-Op Run

Oh, man, was it hard. I even included a post-run video so you can hear my horrid breathing, haha.

Determined To Do Three

My second run post-op, and determined to do three miles.

Four Weeks Post-Op Update

The swelling is starting to go down, and I have some new comparison pics.

What a Fantastic Run!

Seeing my running fitness improve dramatically pretty quickly.

8-Week Post-Op Appointment

Doctor wanted to check how I was healing, and there is one tiny revision that she'll make in office.

My Victoria's Not-So-Secret Purchase

Buying sexy lingerie for my new body! And my post-op revision appointment.

The Lumps and Bumps

Feeling frustrated while trying to find an outfit for my marathon--so many lumps and bumps!

All About My Skin Removal Surgery (Part 1)

TONS of info about my surgery--from beginning the process to the recovery.

All About My Skin Removal Surgery (Part 2)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly parts of the surgery (warning: graphic post-op pics).

Skin Removal Surgery Questions and Answers

You asked and I answered! Two years post-op.

One Year Post-Op Update

Just checking in to show the progress and healing after one year post-op.


Baring my belly in public for the first time by running in just a sports bra!

Lower Body Lift Update: 5 Years Post-Op!

It's been five years, can't you believe it?! Here's what my scars look like now.

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