June 24, 2018


These are some of the notable highlights through the years that I've had my blog. If you want to catch up without reading thousands of posts, this is the good stuff ;)

In November 2010, I fainted from low blood pressure and broke my jaw.

In May 2011, I ran my first half-marathon.
In November 2011, I was a guest on The Dr. Oz Show.
In November 2011, I had surgery to remove the excess skin from my abdomen.
In December 2012, I hit my ultimate goal weight for the first time in my life.
In January 2013, I ran the Ragnar Relay Florida Keys, which would eventually become a documentary.
In January 2013, I was on the Today Show due to said documentary.
In January 2013, I hosted the first annual Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K.
In March 2013, I became a certified running coach.
In March 2013, I shocked myself by running a sub-50 10K.
In April 2013, I hit a long term goal of running a sub-2:00 half-marathon.
In May 2013, I surprised my sister by showing up in Illinois to run her first half-marathon with her.
In October 2013, I ran the Chicago Marathon, getting a PR.
In November 2013, I received devastating news that Mark was dying.
In April 2014, I was in Runner's World Magazine--a dream come true!
In April 2014, I met up with several of my blog readers, "my Sole Mates", to run Ragnar SoCal!
In May 2014, I started running occasionally with my younger brother, which meant so much to me! He had PTSD for years, and the running has helped him tremendously.
In June 2014, I met the "mayor of running" Bart Yasso!
In July 2014, my kids completed their first 5K!
In August 2014, I went on vacation with the family to Punta Cana, and wore a bikini for the first time in my life.
In February 2015, we adopted Joey!
In March 2015, I traveled to Portland to visit Thomas and run the Shamrock 15K (I had to skip the race, due to injury), but I LOVED Portland.
In May 2015, Nathan and I had teamed up to fundraise money for Wins for Warriors. I volunteered at the 9K race as well.
In August 2015, I started calorie counting to get rid of the 27 pounds I'd gained in 2014/2015.
In September 2015, I (along with Renee) became a cross country coach to 2nd-4th graders. It was an amazing experience!
In October 2015, I had a boudoir photo shoot--something I'd always wanted to do!
In November 2015, I got back to my goal weight via calorie counting! Here is a post how I did it.
In April 2016, I ran a personal record in the 10K, which was a near-impossible goal!
In May 2016-February 2017, I fell into a very deep depression, to the point where I felt suicidal and was nearly hospitalized. My weight climbed by nearly 40 pounds.
In March 2017, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I started the correct medication, and I am doing fantastic now! I was able to get back down to my goal weight again.

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