March 16, 2019

Favorite Posts

Through the years of blogging, there are a lot of posts that really just stick in my mind for one reason or another. Here is a list of my personal favorite posts, or just posts that are notable and should stick out from the crowd, in a sense. If you've read a post that is particularly meaningful to you, please feel free to email me and let me know! If others feel the same way, I may throw it on the list as well. Hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do :)

100 Ways My Life Changed When I Lost 100 Pounds - A list of non-scale victories I made when I lost 100 pounds.

Stress-free Wining (Sep 2011) - A super basic guide to wine for people who know nothing about wine.

Waiting Until The New Year (Dec 2011) - If you like to start your diet on Monday, or the first of the month, or January 1, then this post is for you. The best time to start is NOW. And this post explains why.

This Is Why I Married Him (Aug 2012) - Jerry goes above and beyond to make me happy, and he shows it in very silly ways. I've saved all the little notes and gifts he's given me all these years. In this post, I share some of them.

A Little of My History (Aug 2012) - In this post, I detail my history with weight gain/loss.

Binge Eating (Sep 2012) - Autopsy photos of someone who had binged prior to death. The stomach is enormous and the tissue is purple from being deprived of oxygen due to the enormous amount of food. I had no idea binge eating could literally kill you.

How Sodium Changed My Dieting Mentality (Dec 2012) - The ridiculous ritual before weighing in for the week... whether it's removing all articles of clothing possible, not eating or drinking that day, eating less sodium the day before, etc. It changed the way I think about how to eat.

Goal Weight (Dec 2012) - The first time, in my ENTIRE LIFE, that I actually reached my goal weight! I had dieted since I was about 8 years old, and this day needs to go down in history.

It Gets Easier (Nov 2013) - Some journal snippets from when I tried doing Couch to 5K. It's funny (and embarrassing) to look back on it! This post shows that running does, in fact, get easier. My journal entries prove it.

Being Photographed (Dec 2013) - Why we should allow ourselves to be photographed, even when we look our worst.

Five Years! (Aug 2014) - A rude blog comment inspired this post about what makes one inspirational, and how important is that number on the scale anyway?

The Evolution of a First Time Bikini Wearer (Sep 2014) - Until a trip to Punta Cana in August 2014, I had never worn a bikini in my life. My stomach had never seen the light of day. While on vacation, I put on my brave face and bared my belly. And the world didn't implode.

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts (Oct 2014) - The tale of the ghost that lives in our bathroom. And a video to prove it!

Get It Over With (Jan 2015) - The four words that have the power to change your life!

A Year Without Mark (Mar 2015) - The story of my friend Mark. He stole the hearts of my family, my blog readers, his nurses, doctors, and everyone he ever came in contact with. He passed away after several months battling cancer. And I documented the last several months we had with him.

Blooms to Brews 10K Race Report (Apr 2016) - I have literally never worked so hard to reach a goal in my life as I did to set a personal record at this 10K. In the fall of 2015, I was 160 pounds, injured, and my 10K pace was over 11:00/mile. I said I was going to run this race in the spring--I would drop 30 pounds and run a 7:55 pace at the race. Crazy, right? This is the result.

Notable Race Experiences (May 2016) - A list of several race experiences I've had that made an impression, for one reason or another.

Accepting the Summer Weight Gain (Aug 2016) - After all the years of gaining and losing weight (gaining weight during the summer every year), I finally accepted that my body just does what it's going to do. And I am okay with that. The patterns I've seen have actually been very helpful!

A Candid Post About Depression (Jan 2017) - I've battled bouts of depression my entire life, and recently learned it was actually bipolar disorder. However, depression definitely takes its toll on weight and weight loss efforts, and I've written about that in this post.

Mother's Intuition (Mar 2017) - It took an Urgent Care visit and THREE emergency room visits in one weekend for someone to finally take me seriously about a foreign body stuck in my son's foot. You have to see the pictures. Your jaw will drop.

A "Crazy" New Chapter (May 2017) - After battling what I thought was depression for my entire life, I finally accepted my new diagnosis: bipolar disorder. It was a huge blow, but I eventually accepted, and even embraced, that I would be treating a different mental illness from now on.

My Favorite Happy/Sad/Funny Moments of Marriage (Aug 2017) - To celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary, I wrote this post about some of my favorite moments of marriage.

Fed Up! (Aug 2017) - A weight loss anniversary post, remembering what it was like to be obese and loving the way weight loss changed my life.

How My Bipolar Diagnosis Affected My Marriage (Sep 2017) - Things between my husband and I came to light in an interesting way.

Freeing Myself from the Anxiety from Social Media (Oct 2017) - Learning that I have "haters" and how it affected my anxiety.

The Difference Between Motivation and Determination (Oct 2017) - I had zero motivation a lot of the time when I was losing weight; but I still reached my goal because I had determination. This post explains the difference, which is very significant.

The 7 (Very Effective) Life Changes I've Made in Pursuit of Happiness (Nov 2017) - Changes I've made that have made a world of difference in my mood and happiness.

My Best Advice for Those With Weight Loss Goals in the New Year (Jan 2018) - Some weight loss advice that I found helped me on my own weight loss journey.

How and Why I Became a Stay-at-Home Mom (June 2018) - Why I made the decision, what I do during the day, and why I continue to do it while my kids are in school.

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