September 05, 2018


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Resources that helped me on my weight loss journey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

   Home Page
    - My most recent blog posts

   About Me
    - Me, in a nutshell
    - My weight loss story
    - The people in my life that I mention on my blog regularly
    - My current updates with diet, exercise, mental health, family, etc.
    - My history with mental illness
    - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    - Starting and/or growing a blog

   Start Here

    - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    - The highlights of my blog, if you don't want to read it all
    - My favorite blog posts on Runs for Cookies
    - Resources that have helped me with weight loss, fitness, mental health, etc.
    - Posts that contain videos
    - Guest Posts

   Blog Topics

    - Mental Health Monday (Posts about mental health, personal or otherwise)
    - Tasty Tuesday (Recipes)
    - Weight Loss Wednesday (Posts about weight loss; my current weigh-ins)
    - Thrifty Thursday (Finance posts--paying down debt)
    - Flashback Friday (Blog posts from my old weight loss days, prior to Runs for Cookies)
    - Weekly Wrap-Up (A recap of my half-marathon training for the week)
    - Motivational Monday (A previous series of "bragging rights" from readers)
    - Budgeting to Pay Off Our Debt
    - Suggest a post topic that you'd like me to write

   Weight Loss

    - Photos of my weight loss
    - My weight loss story
    - Binge eating
    - Tips/helpful posts about weight loss
    - My Wednesday weigh-ins on the scale
    - Weight Loss Wednesday posts


    - How I became a runner at 27 years old
    - How To's and Tips for Running
    - Free training plans (As a certified running coach, these are plans I've written)
    - Fun posts about running (silly stories)
    - Training methods
    - My favorite running gear
    - My race reports (recaps of races I've run)

   Mental Health

    - My story of mental illness (depression, anxiety, bipolar)
    - Posts about depression
    - Posts about anxiety
    - Posts about bipolar disorder
    - The toll that weight loss takes on mental health

   Skin Removal Surgery

    - A list of all the posts regarding my lower body lift surgery to remove excess skin
    - Just the posts with photos
    - Tips/Advice for others regarding skin removal surgery
    - Updates with photos years after my surgery


    - Travel for blogging
    - Travel for pleasure
    - Travel for races

   Favorite Things

    - Things that I love!
    - Favorite running gear
    - Favorite recipes
    - My personal favorite blog posts
    - Product reviews
    - My favorite books


    - My 15-minutes of fame in media
    - From Fat to Finish Line the documentary


    - My family's favorite recipes (some healthy, some not)


    - How to get in touch with me

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