November 13, 2010

That Day I Fainted and Broke My Jaw: Part 3

This is the third post in a six post series. Here are the first posts:

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The Second Surgery & Homecoming


I was woken up at about 5:30 by one of the doctors who would be doing my surgery. He wanted to get my consent signed and all that. I wasn't nearly as nervous this time around. My aunt came to be with me again, which was super nice of her to stay all day.

They took me to pre-op at about 8, then got me ready and brought me to the OR. I made sure I didn't have to pee this time, and I told them I'd rather wake up freezing cold than hot like last time. That's the last I remember.

When I came too, my throat was SO SORE. It was sore after the first surgery too, but this time was excruciating. It was from the tube they put down my nose. I was starting to feel panicky, because I could feel mucous in my throat and I was worried that I was going to choke.

Keep in mind my jaws were wired shut, so if I had to vomit or something, there was no place for it to go. Once I calmed down enough, they took me back to my room.

My second surgery had ended up taking them almost 3 hours! Once they got in there, they realized they wanted to replace the metal plate in my chin with a smaller one to bring my teeth closer together.

So they had to cut open that incision again (along the lip/gum line inside my mouth). Then they did all the other stuff they planned on doing. However, when they were done, it looked much better than before. I wasn't nearly as swollen this time, and my teeth looked more aligned.  They also told me that I could go home the next day... yay!


The doctors came into my room early again to check me out, said everything looked good and I could leave an a few hours. I spent the morning (actually, I couldn't sleep during the night, so I got up at 2 AM) dry washing my hair, sponge-bathing, etc. Cleaning up a little. Trying to wean off the medications a little, which was hard... the Dilaudid in my IV was WONDERFUL, but obviously I couldn't take that forever.

When I was discharged, I was so happy to be going home, but nervous as well. I knew the pain was going to be bad, trying to eat a balanced liquid diet is practically an oxymoron. My parents and family and friends are SO AMAZING.

My mom went and bought a bunch of the stuff I would need at home--mouthwash that is made for this, Boost (protein shake stuff), juices, new pajamas, straws and cups, etc. All the little things you don't really think of until you need them.

Jerry had the house pretty clean when I got home. He'd been keeping up with it. He actually stayed at the hospital with me about 99% of the time--even spent a few nights there with me--but when he went home, he really took his role as spouse seriously :)

As soon as I walked in the door, my cats were all over me. They've never been like this before. I can tell they really missed me, and it seems almost like cants have a sixth sense.  They really won't leave me alone now :)  I love my kitties!

Anyway, I really wasn't feeling up to writing all this yesterday. I was in a lot of pain, and it's hard to get used to controlling your own pain when you've had the hospital do it for a week. I am constantly worried about overdosing myself or mixing the wrong drugs or something like that. And not to mention how ITCHY I am!

Eli came home yesterday with my sister-they flew home, and it was Eli's first "real" flight. I was so happy to see him! I didn't think I'd get so emotional, but I actually cried when I hugged him. When Noah got home from school, I got emotional all over again.

Jerry and I had a parent-teacher conference scheduled for yesterday with Noah's teacher. She said he's probably the best-behaved kid she's ever had in class. He got all A's and one A-... what a great first report card!

Renee brought over some more goodies for me yesterday--fruit and vegetable juices (very healthy ones, which I need), some tea, a nice card, some hemp protein, etc. My parents, my sister, my kids, my younger brother  Nathan, and Jerry all sat around at my house chatting for a little while, which was nice.

It's a shame that it has to take a broken jaw like this to get everyone together. My older brother is coming in today, and I'm excited to see him too.  My wine club meeting is tonight, and I'm actually thinking of going, lol. I obviously can't have any wine, due to pain meds and all, but I might just go see my girlfriends.

To be continued in Part 4... That Day I Fainted and Broke My Jaw, Part 4

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