Sunday, June 18, 2017

Springing into summer

We have had a fun weekend! Nothing crazy eventful; but fun, nonetheless.

On Friday, Jerry, the kids, and I all had eye exam appointments. It was Jerry's first-ever eye exam, which I thought was just crazy! He's 36 years old, and had never had his eyes checked. The kids had never been to an eye doctor, either, but Noah started complaining about not being able to read the blackboard at school, so I knew it was time they went.

I got glasses when I was about nine years old.

This will end up being a meme somewhere,
I just know it! hahaha
My sight was pretty bad, and then I got contacts in middle school. In 2002, I used some money that my grandma had left for me and got LASIK eye surgery.

At the time, it was fairly new--I didn't know anyone who had had it done. But it worked perfectly, and my vision was 20/20 in my left eye, and 20/15 in my right eye. (My left eye has a mild astigmatism, so it's slightly worse than my right.)

Anyway, my vision has been great up until a couple of years ago, when I started having problems seeing at night, especially while driving. Bright lights in the dark (even watching TV in a dark room) was bothersome. I was worried that my vision was getting worse, so I figured I'd better get checked out, too. I hadn't had an eye exam since just after my LASIK surgery 15 years ago!

I was kind of worried several of us would end up needing glasses, because I had no idea what our insurance would cover. We just found out Eli needs some orthodontic work--an expander and braces--which is INSANELY expensive (about $7500--isn't that crazy?), so we're trying to save every penny we can. From what I remembered, glasses were very expensive as well.

We had our eye exams, and when Noah was getting his done (I was in the room with him), I could tell for sure he was going to need glasses. And I was right. Then it was my turn, and I surprised myself by still seeing 20/20; although, the halos around the lights were a problem. So, the doctor recommended that I get glasses with anti-reflective lenses. The lenses would make my vision clearer during the day, but especially so at night.

Since the glasses weren't entirely a necessity for me, I decided to wait and see what the insurance covered before deciding if I'd get them. I was shocked to find out that our insurance covers 100% (up to $200 for the frames) for each of us! So, Noah and I shopped for some frames. I ended up picking out these ones:

They should be in sometime this week. I'm excited to see if the lenses actually help!

Noah picked out very cute frames (he would probably hate that I use the word "cute"). I'll share a pic of us both when we get the glasses.

Anyway, yesterday, we were invited to a party at our friends' Jake and Emma's house. They had a "celebrate summer" party last year, which was a lot of fun, so we were all looking forward to that again. The kids were excited to go because there were other kids there to play with, and Jake and Emma have a pool.

It was very humid yesterday, so I ended up wearing a sundress. I hardly ever wear dresses, but I really didn't want to be a sweaty mess. I have several sundresses handed down from my sister and from Becky, but I ended up going with my favorite green one. I just love the shade of green, and I feel comfortable in it.

I played a game my friends call "Holey Board"--it's similar to Corn Hole, but you use washers instead of bean bags. I'm terrible at all yard games, so I always feel sorry for my partners. Jerry was my partner in Holey Board, and we played against Jake and Eric, who are masters of it.

Eric and I, rivals in Holey Board. He's way better than me.

Somehow, Jerry and I ended up winning, and it was due to me accidentally-on-purpose making the winning toss!

Just before this, Adam (in the picture) said, "I think Katie WANTS to be good..."
(like I was trying my best, but I just naturally suck at it). And before he could say
anything else, I made the perfect toss and won the game ;) I totally planned that.
After that, Joe and I partnered up to play Corn Hole against Adam and Liz. I wasn't good at that either; but a few times, I managed to get points--and then Liz would throw, and she always ended up canceling out my points! Joe and I actually won that game (although that was entirely due to Joe's skills). I clearly need practice.

I really should get some yard games. They'd be a lot of fun to play with the kids. Jerry and I have (jokingly, but not really) started a mental list of "things we want to buy after we pay for Eli's orthodontics", hahaha. So, I'll just add yard games to the list.

We all had a lot of fun, and are already looking forward to next year. I always love hanging out with my high school friends!

Jerry is working today, unfortunately. But later, we are going to my parents' house for dinner. Per my usual Father's Day tradition, I made my dad a pecan pie (his favorite). I don't know if he actually thinks my pie is the best, but that's what he says--so I make him one on Father's Day and on his birthday.

Today's pie is a little overdone, I think. Our oven has been screwed up lately--I'll preheat the oven, and then after I put something in it, the temp lowers down a LOT--probably to about 200 degrees. So after baking this pie for 45 minutes, it looked like it had only been in for about 10 minutes. I tried again, and the heat stayed at 375, but I overshot and baked it a tad longer than I probably should have. I am just hoping that we don't need a new oven! Another item to add to our list ;)

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a great weekend (and Father's Day, to those celebrating)!


  1. OH you look so cute in the green dress (and frames) ....and yes, I used the word cute too...I don't think you will mind. ha!

  2. Love the dress! Awesome picture.

  3. Gorgeous dress, & I love the glasses.

    The yard games sound like fun. We don't have cornhole in NZ, but my friend who is from California introduced it to me & I love it :) I am just average at it, but it's always heaps of fun. Another friend introduced me to a game called kubb. I think you & the family would really enjoy it. This wiki page has some info on it -

  4. Hi Katie - just wanted to comment on the orthodontics. You may want to get a second opinion (clearly I know nothing about who you guys saw). My husband is a board certified orthodontist and that price sounds really high to both of us (he was shocked when I just told him the price you were quoted and his practice is in a pretty high socioeconomic neighborhood (but in a different state than MI) and it's a boutique style practice - where he is spending all of his time with each patient during each appointment). Might be worth checking around. If you feel comfortable with the first practice though, by all means, go for it - that's really important.

    1. Wow! Well, that gives me hope. We just went to the orthodontist that our dentist's office referred us to. I hope that quote is high! I was SHOCKED when I was told what it was going to cost. They were nice and all, but I don't mind going somewhere else!

    2. Katie, I second Kerri's comment. That quote is really high...

    3. I was thinking the same thing. I am in Wyoming, so the cost might not be comparable, but I paid about $2,800 for my daughter's expander and first round of braces.

  5. I second Kerri's opinion. I am a dental hygienist and my son is in it tho niw and that seems high. Love the frames and dress. Stacia

  6. Your new frames are so cute. I also had Lasik in 2002 and noticed my vision getting bad again the past few years. I just recently went back into contants by day and glasses in the evening. If the glasses work well for you and you'd like more I found great deals on Zenni Optical website. Can even order non- prescription and anti- glare is an option. Glasses start at like $7. Can get a pair shipped for under $20!!

  7. I'm curious if your lenses will help the halos. For me, glasses make lights very streaky at night. And unfortunately that's when I want to wear them while driving. But I can't handle the streaky lights. Anti reflective coatings haven't made a difference and I wish I could figure out what would help. Cute dress!

  8. How old is Eli now? That is exceptionally high if it is for a Phase 1 (correcting major problems and before all permanent teeth are in). Definitely check around! If it's a Phase 1, he will need braces again down the road once he has all of his permanent teeth (usually around age 12-15 depending on how fast teeth come in).

  9. Definitely agree that you should get a second opinion on the orthodontics. I've had them twice as an adult in the last ten years with quite a bit of work needing done. I was in them for almost six years total & both rounds all together were about $8000, so I know that's awfully high! I lived in northwest Ohio at the time, so should be similar pricing.

  10. Did Jerry end up needing glasses? I'm completely jealous if not, I've been wearing them since I was 8. I hope to get lazik sometime since I am so sick of glasses.


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