Thursday, September 15, 2016

Netflix! (And steak fajita bowls)

Holy smokes. Big news, Friends... the documentary is now on Netflix!

I've already written several posts about the film itself, so I won't be redundant. But, I know that a lot of you were hoping to see the film on Netflix, so now is your chance! This is just SO CRAZY to me--me, on Netflix? What?!

I asked the other members of my From Fat to Finish Line Ragnar team if they would be interested in sharing an update about themselves, since the documentary was actually filmed a few years ago. Hopefully, I'll get something to post about them soon!

A lot of my friends have been curious if I was paid for doing the film, so I imagine some of you may be curious, too.
The answer is no--I signed a release waiving any claim to any money the film may make. That said, though, I didn't invest any of my own money, either. Jen and Angela used a LOT of money from their own pockets to produce the film, and I wasn't willing to do that. I had no idea how far this whole thing would actually go!

Also, making a documentary is very expensive, and it doesn't usually result in a big payoff. Most documentaries don't make much (if any) money. So, I have no real ties to this film other than the fact that I was in it. The team was actually made up of several of my blog readers who had written me to share their stories!

I have met some amazing people and gotten some fantastic opportunities because of this film, and I'm so, so grateful for that. The fact that it is now available on NETFLIX is terrifying, exciting, thrilling... I'm not even sure how to describe it. But anyway, if you haven't seen the film yet, and you'd like to, you have the Netflix option now ;)

And if you're a new visitor to my blog because of seeing the film... welcome! I wish I had a more exciting post up today, but much of my blog is just about my ordinary, everyday life in maintaining a large weight loss. Here is my About Me page, where you can get the gist of who I am and what my blog is all about. I would suggest starting there!

Yesterday was Jerry's birthday. He's now 36 years old. When did that happen?! We've been together for half of our lives, which just blows my mind. I was planning to make him a German chocolate cake from scratch (his favorite), but he asked me not to. He's been doing really well with his eating lately, too, and he was afraid that the cake would throw him off. After confirming that he truly did not want cake (I didn't want to not make it, if he was secretly hoping that I was going to anyway), I decided to put the effort into making a yummy birthday dinner instead.

Jerry loves Chipotle, and we don't have one around here, so I decided to make a "Chipotle bar" where we could create our own. I marinated skirt steak all day, and I made cilantro-lime rice (I just added True Lime to the cooking water, and then added cilantro after the rice was done cooking). I sliced a bunch of peppers and onions, and cooked them with a homemade fajita seasoning.

I made a spread on the counter of the steak, rice, fajita veggies, fiesta corn, seasoned black beans, lettuce, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese, and we each made our own "steak fajita bowl" for dinner.

Everything turned out so good! I dare say that it tasted even better than Chipotle. The rice was my favorite part, which is interesting, because I'm not a fan of cilantro; but, I could eat a giant bowl of that rice all by itself. Jerry was thrilled with his birthday dinner, and said he was glad there was no cake, because he was stuffed. (Also, he'd had a "birthday doughnut" for breakfast at work.)

For my close friends' birthdays, I like to share a photo collage on their Facebook walls, usually photos of the two of us together. When I was looking through pictures on my computer for Jerry's birthday, I found so many silly ones of him that I thought would make a funner collage:

These pictures span about 17 years!

Haha! He's goofy and fun-loving, and that's what I love most about him :)



  1. Hi Katie! I have been a fan for years and I didn't think I would get to watch this great film. But I am watching it on Netflix right now in AUSTRALIA!!! Thank you for your blog. You are a huge inspiration to me and have made a difference to me from the other side of the world. Take care! Leanne

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  3. I read your blog religiously a few years ago and suddenly today I say your documentary on Netflix!! Congrats and I am happy to start reading your blogs again. This movie gave me New motivation and will start running again. After work tonight I ran 2 miles at 10:20pm... but I live in Dallas so no gaters to worry about!!! LOVE YOU FROM TEXAS!! Jenn

  4. Seeing I don't have Netflix, I'll just wait until it is available elsewhere. Happy B-day to your love and support (your husband). And well done on your dinner, it looks very tasty! Greets from Belgium

  5. You guys are the cutest! I am totally in love with Jerry he seems like someone you just always want to be around. <3

  6. Happy birthday to Jerry!! I loooooved the documentary, talk about inspirational!! It was so fun to watch!

  7. First of all, Happy Birthday to Jerry! Your steak fajita bowls looked awesome! I love serving those "make your own" type meals! Fun idea! Now, onto the documentary...Katie, I was so proud of you and your teammates. The transformations both physically and mentally that you've all made is so inspirational! You looked so adorable throughout the film, but I loved the expression on your face at the starting line when they called you to the front. You looked so nervous, but you rocked it!! I think that my most favorite line from the movie, and the one that absolutely moved me was when Rik talked about how he looks at his life in two parts...before he crossed that finish line and after. I totally teared up again just typing it! Lol! I can so relate to this, and to many of the stories of all your teammates. It's like I could've been any one of you. Thanks for keeping me inspired with your blog posts Katie. Your story has really changed my life :)

  8. I've added the documentary to my Netflix queue! Can't wait to watch it, but I'm sure I need to be prepared to shed a few happy tears

  9. I was looking for something interesting to watch last night on Netflix and stumbled across the documentary—and LOVED it! You and the others are so inspiring, and I know that sounds like such a cliche but there's no better way to state it. I'm a 54-year-old runner with 15 extra pounds that I gained three years ago, and after watching the film I thought, "Good grief, what's 15 lousy pounds, let's do this!" There were many moments I was near tears as I watched From Fat to Finish Line, and sometimes I wasn't even sure where the emotions were coming from. Suffice it to say that I'll be watching it again and sharing it on my favorite FB running pages.

    By the way, you are so stinkin' adorable it's crazy—your smile could light up a city block. Bless you for your transparency and courage and sacrifice, and thank you for telling your story.

  10. Those pictures of Jerry are HILARIOUS! They made me truly laugh out loud.

    The steak fajita bowls look amazing! I would love to try that. Too bad my kids don't eat steak -- one is too picky, the other doesn't have any molars yet. Maybe I'll make them for friends sometime soon! I'll try out your skirt steak marinade in the meantime.

    PS I love and admire how much you truly seem to love and admire your family, how you always want to spend time with them. So great.

  11. Love reading your blog! Thanks for the share, keep up the posts!

  12. Yup, Mr. Jerry looks like a bundle of laughs....36 is so young. ( I am 11 years older) I always say...How did this happen?? I got old over night. ;-)

  13. I watched about 1/2 of the show last night. I'll watch the rest tonight! Very motivating and I for sure don't want to run in Florida now after everyone was complaining how hot it was lol

  14. This documentary could not have come at a better time for me!! One of our mutual friends posted it on FB last night and I immediately watched it!! I've been working on a goal to lose 100(at least) pounds. I was doing good, I had lost 70...and then the viscous cycle of ups and downs started again and I recently found myself back up to 220....still a net loss of 30...but 😱!!! I've been seeing runners everywhere & all I can think is, I want to run!! I used to run(a little) w Renee many many years ago. I remember once having that 'runners high'...Lol! So I started off by saying "I WANT to be an athlete" and I put the C25K app on my phone. It wasn't until I started saying " I AM an athlete that I actually started using the app!! I just finished Week 2 Day 3 and I feel stronger and more motivated. I loved the documentary. I felt really encouraged by your whole team, all their different but similar stories and loved that I felt like part of your team!! Katie, you inspire me! As I am sure you have inspired many others! I have thought of you recently as I started even thinking about running!! I'm excited to now get to read your blog! I have so many questions to ask you!!! Lol!!! I'm sure I'll find the answers here!! 😘

  15. Watched FF2FL last night - SO AWESOME! I loved hearing everyone's stories and seeing the transformations!

  16. I'm watching this right now and you are just as bubbly and friendly on there as you are on your blog and emails!

  17. I've been a reader of your blog for several years. I have fallen off the wagon and once again found myself at a new highest weight. After watching your documentary I have a renewed motivation and I think I will return to Weight Watchers that is being offered at my work and start running again. Thank you so much for being so inspirational even when it's probably hard. I would love to see updates on the other members of the team too sometime.

  18. Hi Katie,
    I just watched the documentary last night and loved it! Can you please post the other cast members blog info (if they have blogs) or repost if you have already shared? Love your blog - started reading in 2013!

  19. I watched the film and found it to be quite inspiring. Congratulations on doing such a great job and motivating so many people!

  20. Wow,
    I remember when you had your surgery and when you posted about the race ( I even considered "applying" heard how great things went I got lost the whirlwind of time until tonight where I saw the post from ff2fl on Facebook that you guys were now on Netflix.
    Would love to hear from all of you.
    All the best

  21. I watched the film last night on Netflix. I wanted you to know how inspirational it was for me. I trained for and ran a half marathon in May, which was one of the proudest moments of my life. I stopped running altogether right after because I felt burned out. This film inspired me to lace back up my running shoes. Back at it today :). Thank you!

  22. Just watched the documentary a few days ago and loved it!! Very inspiring!!!

  23. I stumbled across the documentary last weekend on Netflix and I loved it. Oddly enough, the day before I watched it, a friend had asked me to join her in training for a half marathon next year. It has inspired me to get back to running after a year off. Thank you for being willing to put yourself out there.

  24. I was SOOOO excited to see the film was finally on Netflix! Was thrilled to bits to see they put it on Netflix in the UK!!! was so great to watch you guys!!!!!!


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