Saturday, March 28, 2015

3th Street

Last night was supposed to be Joey's obedience class, and I had every intention of starting a new five-week session yesterday. But the kids were going to be staying the night at my parents' house, and Jerry was planning to meet me at Joey's class after he got off working a 12-hour shift, and the class was just sounding less and less appealing. We really wanted to just hang out and have a date night at home.

So we called Joey's trainer to ask if it would be okay for us to start his new session in two weeks (next week is Easter weekend), and he said absolutely, that was just fine. So, when Jerry got home from work, we put on our embarrassing "onesie" pajamas and made vodka tonics. We had a few drinks while we caught up on the show "Girls" (we both like that show!), and it was a fun and relaxing evening.

My calf was still bugging me a little this morning, so I decided to wait until tomorrow to run. I'm supposed to do nine, but it would be fine if I end up cutting it short and calling it a step-back week, too. When I started this schedule, I built in an extra week just for circumstances like this--if I have to miss a long run for whatever reason. So I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I'd like to do at least five, but if I'm feeling good, then I'll do nine.

The kids and I took Joey for a walk this morning, and it was SO COLD. The temp has been in the teens, with the wind chill in the single digits! I would love for it to at least get up to around 50. While we were walking, I saw a sign that I found much funnier than it probably was:

I sent the pic to Jerry, and asked, "Where do you suppose 3th St. is?" and he responded, "I don't know, between 2rd and 4rd?" Hahaha.

Today, I did some more cleaning, and I laughed out loud when I saw the foam roller I'd gotten at the Runner's World Half. Phoebe apparently hates foam rolling as much as I do:

I know that it's Phoebe's bite mark, because she's the only cat that's always chewing on things (I can't leave important papers on the coffee table or my dresser, for example, because she chews them). This is obviously the perfect bite impression of a cat, so my money is on Phoebs! (I still prefer my homemade foam roller to this one, anyway).

Eli was invited to a birthday party at the movie theater tonight to see the movie Home, so Noah and I dropped him off and then had a little date of our own. I told him I'd take him out to dinner, and let him choose where we went. He chose Kentucky Fried Chicken. I hadn't been there in probably 10 years, at least (other than picking up some take-out for Mark).

I ended up getting a three-piece chicken tender meal, which came with mashed potatoes and gravy, a biscuit, a cookie, and a soft drink. I didn't eat the cookie, and I was actually surprised that the rest of the meal (with a diet soda and without the cookie) was only 18 PointsPlus. I say "only", because I would have thought it would be way more than that. But regardless, I was still over my PointsPlus today, because I didn't run.

I do like that I started counting my points by the day, rather than the week, though, for situations like this. I am over my points, so instead of saying, "Well, I already blew it this week, might as well just get back on track Wednesday when my week starts over!" I can just start tomorrow with a fresh number of PointsPlus.

Jerry's off work tomorrow, and the temp is supposed to get up to the low 40's (woo hoo! haha), so I think we'll probably take Joey for a walk in the Metropark or something. I always look forward to his days off, even when we don't have big plans. I'm super tired, so I just may go to bed super early tonight!


  1. I've heard foam rolling is an absolute must for runners but I've never done it before. Is it worth it? I'm under the impression it's quite painful?

    1. I LOVE foam rolling! It is kinda painful, but it really keeps away the soreness I feel the next day. It sort of feels like a deep tissue massage for your legs.

    2. I did it for a while when I was injured, and I can't say that I felt any different than when I wasn't foam rolling; but I know a ton of runners swear by it and love it. I'm sure if I did it consistently, it would probably help me from getting injured, so I would like to start doing it! It's just one of those things that never occurs to me to do.

  2. Phoebe's bite looks like a staple remover. :) I guess I don't fully appreciate the point of foam rolling...I've never done it and I feel like I don't have time for that. I can barely get my runs done. I was amused by the sign (and Jerry's text) as well.

  3. I just started running 5K's as a way of getting in shape. I just started running at the end of January and had my first 5K on Saturday March 28th. Woo Hoo! You were my inspiration when I first started to train for this 5K and you continue to be!! I have already signed up for my next 5K scheduled in May. Looking to come in at under 35 min or main goal is to come at 30min. Thanks for having this blog!

    1. I forgot to mention my time was 37 min. :-)

    2. That's fantastic!! Congrats on your 5K--and a great time, too :) Thanks for reading!

  4. I think I would have had the same reaction to the sign! And I love that you see faces in a cat's bite mark :)

  5. The sign, and the cat bite marks made me laugh! Too funny!

  6. I hope Eli enjoyed Home! My best friend and I decided to take a day off from being college students last weekend and we saw it. So cute!


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