Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank you, Kroger

First off, I apologize in advance to any male readers I might have for the topic I'm about to bitch about: yeast infections.

I took Eli to school this morning and then stopped at Kroger on the way home to buy a yeast infection treatment. I also needed bananas and tortillas, so those were the 3 items I picked up. WHY must a store put all the vaginal treatment creams on an end-cap so everyone walking by knows what you're looking at?
Yes, yeast infections are a part of life, but I don't want to announce it to everyone in the store! I hate standing there, comparing brands and prices and active ingredients and all that while feeling like there is a spotlight on me.

Finally, I went to pay at the self-checkout lane. For the first time EVER, all of them were closed, so I had to go to a checkout with a young male cashier (of course). I placed my bananas, tortillas, and vag stuff on the belt and he scanned it and put it in the bag. Then I paid and as I was walking out of the store, what should I hear but "BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!" because apparently there was an anti-theft tag on it and the cashier didn't deactivate it.

I just thought, "You have GOT to be fucking kidding me!" and stood there while the manager or whatever went through my bag, taking the stuff out and determining what was causing the problem.

Oh, and as a side note... I think it's so unfair that you have to pay MORE for the shorter treatments. You could cure your yeast infection in 7 days for about $4. Or you could do it in 5 days for about $6. If you want it gone in 3 days, it'll cost you about $9-12. And God forbid you should want to feel better in ONE day, because that'll cost you $12 (for store brand)-$17!  My thoughts start out by saying, "Whatever, I'm not giving them that much money for this--I'll just get the 7 day one.  But the 5 days is only $2 more, so I guess I can do that. But 3 days is so much sooner than 5, and it's only a few dollars more. And if I'm just going to spend $9, what's another $3 to get the 1-day treatment?"  The people behind this scheme have to be women, because they know how damn miserable we are and we'll pay $12-17 to feel better in 1 day. And the people who choose the displays at Kroger have GOT to be men--a woman would never put feminine products on an end-cap!!

Anyway, enough of that.  I had to do my 3-mile run on the dreadmill today. It was pouring outside when I got up, so I just jumped on the dreadmill to get it over with early. I couldn't believe how hard it was for me! In January/February, I could run at 7.0 (1% incline) for 3 miles no problem. Today, I started at 7.0 and had to back it down to 6.7 pretty quickly. Then eventually, I was doing 6.5-6.8 the whole time. My legs felt SO heavy! Over the past few weeks, I've been skipping runs here and there in my training... that, on top of my weight gain, probably contributed to the slower pace. After the half-marathon on Saturday, I'm going to come up with a good running schedule and stick to it. I really want to get my pace back down below 9:00/mi.

My eating has been in great control since coming home from vacation. I've done really well with focusing on staying balanced. I almost use the word BALANCE as a mantra... my goal is to be very balanced in everything. I don't want my weight bouncing up and down, I don't want to be bingeing and dieting all the time, doing too much running or not enough running... I just want to be very consistent on a day to day basis and stay balanced. I don't even care if it takes forever to drop back to goal weight, as long as I'm not bouncing up and down, dieting and bingeing.

This week I've been focused on what makes my body feel good--trying to pick foods that my body is craving rather than what my mind is craving. Eating enough, but not too much. Not thinking about food all the time. Not feeling guilty for my rest days from running. And I feel really good about it. Portia de Rossi's book had a huge impact on me, and has really made me want to balance all this.  I'll do my Wednesday weigh-ins, but I honestly don't really care what the scale says tomorrow. Normally, after seeing such a big gain on vacation, I'd come home and try to be super strict with my diet to drop the weight quickly. But right now I'm just trying to stay consistent and balanced, which is more important to me than the number I see tomorrow.


  1. So which one did you get????.....lol
    Poor thing....yeast infections are a bitch aren't they....
    Good luck on your pace, I'm sure you will get back into the groove in no time

  2. Hilarious blog! I hate when that happens--seems to happen to me at Walgreen's--and when that beeper goes off--I feel like a criminal. Wouldn't you know, it would be the feminine product!

    Good luck on your quest for balance. I wish it was easier--but I don't think it ever will be.

  3. As a cashier at Target, we get as annoyed as you when the beeps happen and rarely pursue them. Also, we hide those things mid-aisle, because we love you:). But I've lived in a rural area, like u seem to, and Targets are few n far between there.


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