Who's Who in My Blog


Here is a list of the people I may mention on my blog, so you know who's who:

Jerry- My husband. We started dating in 1999, and got married in 2003. Jerry is very fun and goofy, which is what I love best about him. He treats me like a princess, and is a fantastic dad to our kids. He works a swing shift, which is a little crazy at times, but it works well for us. Jerry has written a couple of guest posts for my blog, which you can find here and here. And he is known for his "Jerry face" in photos, which you will see often. That's just the way he rolls. And I love him for not caring what anyone else thinks about his quirkiness!

Jerry face at my brother's wedding

Noah- My 13-year old son. As he is entering his teen years, I prefer to respect his privacy, so I won't be writing many personal things about him. (And I always get his permission before posting his photos). Noah is ridiculously smart, funny, and asks some bizarre questions. He plays baseball, and is an excellent pitcher! Noah is definitely a daddy's boy, taking after Jerry in so many ways. His newest passion is grilling, and he got a grill for his birthday, so he's been using that to cook for us.

Eli- My 11-year old son. Again I am going to be minimizing what I write on the blog about him, but Eli is one of the sweetest kid you'll ever meet. He adores animals, and has a compassion unlike any boy I've ever seen at his age. He's artistic and creative, and he's most certainly a mama's boy. He still gives me hugs and kisses in front of his friends, which makes my heart happy. He also plays baseball, and while he would love to be a pitcher, he is honestly a fantastic catcher. He and Noah make the perfect pair on the ball field. His other passion is fishing--he could fish all day long.

Joey- Our black lab/chow chow mix that we adopted from the animal shelter in February 2015. You can read about the day of his adoption here. He has changed our lives in so many ways! I used to be very scared of dogs (I've been bitten three times while out running), but having Joey has helped me get rid of that fear. I've learned to read dogs' body language, which has been very helpful. Joey is very much a "people dog", meaning that he'd rather hang out with his people (us) than do anything else.

Having a blast at Lucky Puppy, his doggy daycare

Phoebe- Our orange tabby cat. (Fun fact: Female orange tabby's are very rare--most are male.) She was a stray that needed a home. She is extremely unique in that she has some sort of sixth sense--she always knows when someone is upset, and she will cuddle with that person. Any time one of us cries, Phoebe will be there within two minutes for cuddles. I believe she was abused by her previous owner, because she has a bb underneath her skin (she was shot by a bb gun), and half of her tail is missing. She was extremely skittish for the first couple of years we had her, but now that she trusts us, she really adores attention.

Estelle- Our tortoiseshell cat. She was also a stray looking for a home. She has the funniest personality--or "tortitude", as a lot of tortie owners refer to that attitude ;) She's very vocal and loves to "chat" with us. She's also the most curious cat you will ever meet! Any new item brought into the house must be thoroughly inspected by Estelle. And no box is too small for her--she will inevitably find a way to fit into it.

Sue & Les (a.k.a. Mom and Dad)- My parents. They've been married since 1971, and they live less than a mile away. They adore being grandparents, and my kids think it's awesome that they can go visit pretty much any time they want to. My parents are both technically retired, but they have seasonal/part time jobs that they enjoy doing, so they can stay busy.

Dad & Mom

Jeanie- My sister, who is eight years older than me. She is an occupational therapist who lives in Illinois with her husband Shawn. They don't have kids, but they have basset hounds who are treated like children ;) They both started running when I hosted a virtual 5K race, and they've stuck to it! Here is a guest post from Jeanie.

Shawn & Jeanie

Brian- My older brother, who is six years older than me. He is a Delta pilot, and lived in St. Paul for the last 20 years or so. He just moved back to Michigan, which is fun because I get to see him much more often! He is married to Becky, and they just had a baby boy in April, making me an AUNT! His  name is Lucas, but I am the only to call him Luke. Brian and Becky love to travel, and they go to exotic places pretty much every weekend. (Things have changed a bit since Luke was born, but he has already traveled more than I have this year.)

Nathan- My younger ("little") brother, who is two years younger than me. He was in the Army after high school, and spent four years in Iraq. Now he lives in Michigan and is an apprentice for DTE Energy. Nathan started running in 2014, and he's turned into an amazing runner! He's gotten fast, and he even ran a 50K race in 2015. Here is a guest post from Nathan about how running helped him overcome much of his PTSD.

Mark- A family friend who was intellectually disabled. He was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in late 2013, and died in March 2014. He was one of the kindest, happiest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I did everything I could to make him happy before he passed, including much help from my readers who showered him with cards and gifts, which I documented on my blog. Here is his story.

With Mark just after he was diagnosed
Some other friends I may mention here and there:

Thomas- My best friend who lives in Portland, Oregon. I actually met him through my blog! Our friendship is very light-hearted and fun, and he is my most "honest" friend--the one who tells me the truth, even if it's harsh. I visit him in Portland once or twice a year. (And despite some speculation in comments on my blog, it IS possible for a guy and girl to be just friends--which we are; Jerry loves Thomas as well.) Thomas blogs here about his running.

Andrea- Andrea is more of a private person, so I don't write much about her on the blog, but she is my best girlfriend. I can tell her anything at all, knowing that she doesn't gossip. We are actually very much alike in a lot of ways, and she is extremely empathetic. We laugh about totally inappropriate things, which is one thing I love most about her.

If we look drunk, it's because we probably are, hahaha
There are lots of others that I may mention here and there, but those are the people I write about most frequently.